Root Can you root a unactivated phone?

My friend sent me a prevail and asked me to root it for him ( I use one). But I need to do it without activating it. Is there a way to root it this way. Also will Boost let him activate it on his account if it has been rooted before they activate it?

I have a computer and cable to connect to the phone, so is there a way to do it that way?

Or maybe though using my rooted phone and a sim card that my phone was backed up to, then but the sim card from my rooted phone into his phone and do a restore???


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Sorry Arizona heat getting to me (it is 125 today and I have been working outside)... I meant Micro SD card... Silly brain dead me.....


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Same procedure as with and activated phone........ Connect your phone via USB to your comp, put it in "Download" mode, use Odin and put the image ( FE16_Rooted or FF19_Rooted ) on............voila !!! ;)

Edit : And of course, after putting the image on, you need to install a ROM.........

Use the "Dummies Guide" in the All things root section and follow it. ! :)


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Congrats on your promotion to guide!!! I couldn't keep up with all the stuff and with my new job I just had to let go... Sad day...:( lol
Thx a bunch and sorry to hear that for you. The summer is busy for me then the other 3 seasons I'm on here alot. Thx again!:D