Aug 31, 2011
I have a Droid X2 and I am wanting to turn the email alert to either silent or vibrate, and turn the text to a sound alert. Is this possible with this phone?
The setting for this is, inexplicably, hidden. I found another thread with this answer which works:
I have the HTC G2 Andriod and this thread helped me get on the right track, but I never found a complete answer to turning off the email sound notifications. Not sure why HTC hides this so well. I finally figured it out, so here it is:

Click on your Gmail icon.
Press "Menu"
Select "More"
Select "Settings"
Select the email address you'd like to change (eg
Select "Lables to Notify"
Hit the dropdown arrow next to "Inbox"
Select "Ringtone" and then select "Silent".