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can you turn off sense ui

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by asparagus, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. asparagus

    asparagus Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi i do not have the Htc desire Hd but i would like to know if you can turn the sense of because it may be a deciding factor between the desire and the Dell streak which comes with stock android 2.2 and stage.
    I know this has already been asked but apparently you can not turn it off any more as of 2011?


    (recommendations of dell streak ?)

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  2. widehead

    widehead Android Enthusiast

    Not officially. You can root the HD and flash a custom ROM that will bring to the vanilla 2.2 (stock on the Desire HD would be Sense UI) or even 2.3.

    Just so you are aware: Sense does some things much better than vanilla 2.2. For example:

    Contact management via Sense is so much easier and much more intuitive.

    The Sense keyboard is (for me anyway) much better too.
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  3. El Kroket

    El Kroket Well-Known Member

    I'll have to agree with Widehead... Personally I think the Sense UI is the best one around. So there's not really a reason to change it. Flashing a custom ROM might be an option but isn't always easy if you don't know what you're doing.

    Have a look at the costum roms here : Desire HD Android Development - xda-developers

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  4. cracksquirrel

    cracksquirrel Well-Known Member

    You could also use something like LauncherPro to change the home screen to somthing that looks almost exactly like vanilla android, Doin it that way doesn't even need root
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  5. RussWWFC

    RussWWFC Android Enthusiast

    That's what I've done. Too much hassle rooting, until they offer a killer feature that is. And Launcher Pro is a must for me, I pay for the plus version, which means you can resize widgets. Well worth the
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  6. arlrb

    arlrb Android Enthusiast

    The streak is crap, i had one for 3 months when they first came out on o2.
    I got rid of it before it got froyo, but 1.6 & 2.1 were absolutely woeful. Dell haven't got a clue when it comes to phones... and the support is non-existent.

    The actual phone (HW, size, screen etc) i liked, great for internet, but it was so buggy, even things like screen lock didn't work properly. I very much doubt things have changed.
    I must've found a new bug daily!

    Trust me, out of the 2, go with htc. (the dhd comes with 2.2 too, had it 3 months before the streak!)
    And even though the streak is classed as a tablet, i'm fairly confident it won't get gingerbread, let alone honeycomb... which is actually for tablets!
    I got the distinct impression that 2.2 would be it, & no updates or bug fixes!!

    Just get a different launcher, there's loads of 'em.

    Ps - the gingerbread launcher & keyboard are out for rooted & non-rooted. The former can be got from the market, the latter from xda. You need to be 2.2 for launcher & 2.1+ for keyboard.
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  7. widehead

    widehead Android Enthusiast

    Oh man, how did I not know this?!

    Thanks so much for this post. :D

    Edit: You can also get the 2.3 Nexus live wallpaper which looks great.
  8. arlrb

    arlrb Android Enthusiast

    You're welcome, the more the merrier.

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