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Can you unlock a VMUSA iPhone?

Discussion in 'Virgin Mobile' started by thebryceee, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. thebryceee

    thebryceee Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    There's several stores I know that unlock iPhones. Just wondering if you can get it unlocked to use on a GSM carrier.

    Edit: the 4S

  2. tli

    tli Android Enthusiast

    No idea or personal experience, but not likely according to this article:

    Why you can't take your unlocked iPhone 4S to another U.S. carrier | Mobile - CNET News

    [Edit] Read through the comments at the end of the article too as there may be possible means--don't know how feasible though. FYI.[/Edit]
  3. MT Rotor

    MT Rotor Android Enthusiast

    Apple in general are greedy bstrds
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  4. tli

    tli Android Enthusiast

    Apple is not the only one... every U.S. carriers are equally greedy and should be faulted/blamed too! Nowhere else in the rest of the world does the wireless industry have so much leverage over it's consumers. U.S. subscribers are way overcharged, under served, and reamed every month. Unless the U.S. consumers stop bending over and taking the crap that the carriers are dishing out... we'll continue to be screwed, and ridiculed by the rest of the world. The U.S. carriers do it because they can and we let them. Same with Apple, when you've people waiting in line to pay ridiculously high prices, they'll continue to do what they do...
  5. Ranhead

    Ranhead Android Enthusiast

    I agree that it is ridiculous how much US carriers charge for a cell phone contract (which is why I am with VM and in this forum - :D ). While watching German TV commercials there are a lot of crazy cheap cell phone providers compared to what you see in the US. I’m talking monthly unlimited calling plans under $10.
  6. SuperAfnan

    SuperAfnan Android Expert

    You are right iphones and other apple stuff are so overpriced...

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