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Canadian Carriers - Bell or Telus - CDMA?

Discussion in 'Verizon' started by Vakman, May 29, 2010.

  1. Vakman

    Vakman Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Hello, I was wondering if the Droid Incredible would work in Canada on Bell or Telus, I know it won't work on Rogers as they do not have a CDMA network and it is GSM only. But Bell and Telus have a CDMA network running alongside their GSM network and they use the same bands as Version for this? Source was Yahoo Answers I got from a search on Google, so not sure it 800/1900 is the bands they use. Anyway, could use some help having this explained to me and answered.
    Also, what bands are used by what carriers and such (Verzion, AT&T, Bell, Rogers, Telus etc)
    I am under the impression that if it works on AT&T then it will work on Rogers, Bell and Telus. If it works on Verizon, it will work on Bell and Telus? What if it works on T-Mobile USA, it works on nothing then? This question got off the original question but help having this explained would be nice, thanks :)

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  2. dsauch

    dsauch Newbie

    I just returned from business trip to Montreal and Quebec, the roaming works just fine as long as you dont change EVRC settings...
  3. craigrn16

    craigrn16 Android Enthusiast

    When I was in Montreal I believe my phone was working on the bell network.worked fine though
  4. Vakman

    Vakman Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    So in theory I would be fine.
    Hm, also then, the Nexus One, if it says WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM 850/900/1800/1900 is this the AT&T version, I am buying off of Ebay and it does not say AT&T or T-Mobile. Thanks. Maybge I will post a thread for that.
  5. icyfire

    icyfire Newbie

    just to clarify, the users above are saying that the phone roams on the Canadian networks while using a US Verizon account. This doesn't mean that Bell and Telus will activate the phone on their network. You can try asking them tho.
  6. craigrn16

    craigrn16 Android Enthusiast

    It should work with Att or Rogers in Canada
  7. craigrn16

    craigrn16 Android Enthusiast

    Yea I doubt they activate a Verizon phone on thier network
  8. Vakman

    Vakman Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Yeah, I know. But I wasn't sure if they were saying it would work because they can roam here or just saying that they can roam here.

    Very true. I will probably just end up with a Nexus One, nothing wrong with it either way.
  9. acipollo

    acipollo Well-Known Member

    When I go to Toronto, Verizon works. And its free to text back to USA. .69 a min to talk.

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