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Apr 22, 2010
Whistler BC and Los Angeles
There used to be a forum dedicated to Canadian carriers. Is it still around? I can't located it. TIA.
I've been to Canada(Ontario), and only 2 carrier networks I saw while I was there, was Rogers, and Bell. I believe AF has forums for both of them. Also isn't Sasktel a Canadian career? That AF also has a forum for.
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well i can't help you finding a carrier, but i found some articles that might help you decide:

do you have something like Best Buy in Canada? i like to go there and you can have the salesman give you a nice breakdown of the carriers and their plans and which one would be best for you.

Yeah, we are moving to CA, where we have been, off and on, for awhile but in the US for past 3 years. There are Best Buys and that's a great suggestion. I'll stop in after I cross the border, which has been closed but reopens August 9. Thanks!
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