Canadian takes his Galaxy S2 to NY...


I got my Samsung Galaxy S2 unlocked in Canada before travelling to the USA. Went to local AT&T store, got a local SIM card with a $15 pay as-you-go plan for talk & text, and $15 (100MB) data plan. Works like a charm. No expensive roaming fees for me! Next week going to the UK then Ireland and will do the same. :D


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By unlocked, do you mean rooted?
no. he means unlocked. locking means tying your sim to a particular network. rooting has to do with operating system...nothing to do with being in a different country and using their local sim to save on huge roaming i got this winter in mexico....sheesh it was brutal.
hearing this OP's info gives me hope for future trips.


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Rooted? Geez, i dunno. I took my S2 to a mobile dealer that is frequented by people of middle east descent. I figured they would know more about international travel than the skinny [white] guys that work in the Bell store. I told them I wanted to take it to the US, UK, and Ireland and asked them what to do. "Oh," they said. "You need to unlock your phone and buy a SIM card when you get there." I didn't know what unlocking was. And I didnt know much about SIM cards. They explained (and I googled) that it was perfectly legal. Bell would do it for $50; they did it for $30 (cash). Another customer in the store -- normal looking middle aged white guy -- told me that he buys local SIM cards wherever he travels. Done and done.