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Cancel my order for the Incredible and wait for Moto X instead?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by zk913, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. zk913

    zk913 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I placed an order for the Incredible a couple weeks ago, and it should arrive sometime next week. I was really psyched to get the phone until I found out that the Motorola Xtreme (or shadow) is coming out in July (or so I have read).

    I really like the UI of the incredible, and believe the phone will fit my needs very well. I will primarily use the incredible for apps, pictures, and video. My only hang-up is that I dont really want to buy the incredible if it will be surpassed by the Moto X a few weeks after I get my incredible. Does this sound legitimate? Is the Moto X going to be that much better than the incredible?

    I dont love the way the Moto X looks (at least from the pictures I have seen), and I also do not really want a huge phone either. Verizon told me I can still cancel my order without a penalty, but Im not sure if I would be happier with the Moto X. What should I do?

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  2. Shotgunx1x

    Shotgunx1x Well-Known Member

    I think that it comes down more to your preference of a touch screen keyboard or a slide qwerty keyboard. (I believe it has a qwerty keyboard)
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  3. ibrawl

    ibrawl Lurker

    i been having the same thought mainly because my htc incredible should be coming around July and July is when the moto x is suppose to come out
  4. zk913

    zk913 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Does the Moto X have a slide keyboard? I have heard that the Moto X has a touch keyboard, and that the Moto Droid 2 has a slide keyboard.
  5. Im in the same boat as OP. My D Inc won't come in until 6/18 at the earliest, so I plan on using it for the 30 day "trial period" and if I love it, I'll keep it, if the Xtreme gets rave reviews then maybe I'll switch.

    I'm not crazy about the looks of the Xtreme either, but we'll see.

    Luckily I got in on the Droid buy one get one free and used the free credit on the Incredible. So I'm hoping that if I do return the Incredible, then I can use that buy one get one free credit on the Xtreme.
  6. woop

    woop novacane (OFWGKTA)

    No physical keyboard on the X, its all touch screen like our phone. The Droid 2 will have the physical keyboard.

    OP, it really is your personal preference. Do you need the extra size on the screen (3.7 vs 4.3)? If not, then just for portability sake, I'd go with the Incredible. I personally can't see myself pocketing such a large device and prefer something more manageable in terms of moving around and using in my hand. Then comes UI, do you like Motoblur/Ninjablur or Sense? I personally have hated Motoblur since it first released, and I'm glad they finally have made a less intrusive UI with Ninjablur, however I'm a fan of Sense, so this decision was easy. Next would be physical appearance. IMO, the X does look a little more sturdy and solid than our phone, however that isn't a deal breaker for me, and will stick with my tiered back and red camera ring. One thing that would be a nice feature only if you intend are using it would be the HDMI out. I personally have no interest in using that as I don't plan on hooking up my flat panel to my phone any time soon. I do believe the X will be TFT whereas ours is AMOLED (although I cannot confirm as I don't remember if it was indeed TFT or not), so that is another thing to keep in mind as people with Evos have reported the screen looking a little more washed out compared to our device.
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  7. Steven58


    the incredible has a faster processor, fyi
  8. woop

    woop novacane (OFWGKTA)

    Hey Steven, I think they're both 1GHZ, although the X will not be a Snapdragon, for what its worth.
  9. bigbloo

    bigbloo Newbie

    Funny ;p I am in the same exact boat as you! the expected shipment date for my incredible is in early july, and the moto x does look tempting... in the end though im pretty sure im going to stick with the incredible for a couple reasons:

    1) the moto x is big. Since my phone is one of the only things i ALWAYS have on me, i like it to be light and not to bulky, coming from a bb tour i became happy with a pretty decently small package for a smartphone. Soo i think the incredible is a better choice for travel.

    2) The incredible gets the job done. i played with a friend's incredible for a while and he has had it since its release and also has a lot of apps on it and it still performed day to day tasks very well. ( web surfing, home screen navigation, messaging and even a game or two) So from that i knew even after installing apps and regular daily use, the incredible would still hold up.

    3) Theres nothing really wrong with the incredible at all. it has a pretty darn good camera, a responsive touchscreen ( since my ipod touch i fell in love with touch screens), sense ui ( one of my favs ) and its still a decently sized sexy piece of hardware.

    So unless you are really wanting the latest and greatest, or are really into having the fastest phone out there, my choice would be the incredible :D

    Now these are only my opinions, but i thought that maybe my .02 might help you reach a decision. In the end go for whatever you really feel would be the best choice for you!!
    Good luck! and remember either way you have an android so its all good ;)
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  10. zk913

    zk913 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I would think a fair number of people would be in this position because of the amount of time that we have to wait for the incredible... But thanks, Woop and Bigbloo, I think you have made many salient points. I definitely do not want a phone so large that it could be cumbersome (as may be the case with the Moto X), although the HDMI port seems cool, but not a deal breaker.
    My main concern is that, as a poor grad student, I dont want to put down a fair amount of money on a relatively expensive piece of technology that is immediately outdated.
  11. woop

    woop novacane (OFWGKTA)

    Definitely. That is something I think all of us are scared of. But that is just part of innovation. By the time the X comes out, there will already be another big time phone rumored to be released that WILL surpass the X. Eventually you just have to pull the trigger and get whats available at time that will satisfy your needs.

    I would say go take a look at the Evo just to get a feel of the size.
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  12. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    Personally I would go with the Incredible. The only added benefits the Motorola X has (that I know of) are 720p recording and the HDMI-out. As far as I can tell, it lacks the internal 8 GB memory, and it is noticeably larger than the Incredible. Also, the Incredible has been out for a while, so you know it is a solid phone... the X could have all types of problems... like the Evo having really bad battery life.

    There are always going to be better phones. You just have to find one you like and be content with it for a year.
  13. Bug Splat

    Bug Splat Android Enthusiast

    The X is too big IMO. I pocket carry and like the size of the Incredible. I don't need a bigger screen and HDMI is worthless for me. I have a media PC hooked up to my big screen and 3 laptops all with HDMI out. I always have my work Laptop with me and it has all my movies on it.
  14. Dex

    Dex Android Enthusiast

    We all forgot something very important.

    MotoBlur sucks. That's a deal breaker for me.
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  15. Reaver

    Reaver Well-Known Member

    Here are some specs for the X from product-reviews.net. Not sure how legit they are but anyways......

    "Thats not all either, we have a list of confirmed specs so far for the device. These include a 4.3-inch display with 854
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  16. v941726

    v941726 Android Enthusiast

    if we have all been alive for the last 15 yrs, then we all know how technology yrs are like dog yrs. especially the past 5 yrs. as soon as you order anything tech it is practically obsolete when you get it considering what will soon follow. but i have a 3 yr old laptop w/ just a 2ghz processor that is still going very strong.
  17. WalmartSecurity

    WalmartSecurity Android Enthusiast

    Specwise, the Moto X will have an OMAP 750 MHz processor vs the Incredible's Snapdragon 1 GHz, but in terms of speed the MotoX is said to be just as fast if not faster. Different processors, and the GPU on the OMAP processors is said to be better than Snapdragons.

    It's like Intel vs AMD. Clock speeds don't give a fair comparison of processing power.
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  18. dmiller2007

    dmiller2007 Android Expert

    I've been wondering this too. I looked into it a decent bit. From the leaked pics, I refuse to believe its a 4.3" screen. I think its more like 4.1". And as for the speed, if the units ran on quadrant are any indication, it will be about twice as fast as the dinc. Because omap > snapdragon. It comes down to size. Do you want a bigger phone or smaller? And the UI skins. I'd cancel the preorder and wait to try out the MOTO or see reviews of ninjablur
  19. roninld

    roninld Member

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  20. drhill

    drhill Android Expert

    Processor speed doesn't mean much. Most of the time that 1ghz snapdragon we have it just burning up more juice when it is running at full speed.

    They should perform around the same. What the X does have is a 45nm processor compared to the 60nm snapdragon. Smaller means less energy used and less heat dissipated. Both of these will probably be noticeable.
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  21. Aremihc

    Aremihc Member

    Looking at the comparison pics that thing is a freaking tablet! Yeah, I was concerned about the DINC in my pocket...
  22. professorjay

    professorjay Newbie

    I never thought about it, but if it comes out during my 30 days I'll probably test drive it. If I like it significantly more than the Inc I'll switch, why not?
  23. aleis

    aleis Android Expert

    Well, my Dinc will be on Ebay because: Supply and demand delay some Droid Incredible shipments until July 12th Boy Genius Report

    So looks like even next month the incredible will still be hard to get!
    works out for me. i plan to sell my Dinc for $450 and hope the Moto X is $600. Ever since the EVO i`ve wanted a larger screen. now i have one coming and i am SIKED!!:D
    was gonna root my Dinc but, i want to make sure it sales on ebay without any issues.
  24. Romoko

    Romoko Newbie

    Restocking fee :p

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