Help Candlewax on screen


Tragic accident involving a frisbee, a citronella candle and my wife's 2 day old Dinc with no screen protection.

Any suggestions?

Yes, I am fully prepared for the crude comments this photo is sure to produce :p


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maybe a little rubbing alcohol on a cloth to help disinigrate the wax a worked on a camera screen for me that had some very thick tree sap on it


paper towel on top of the wax...then blast it with a hair dryer. Don't get the phone too hot just enough to melt the wax and let the paper towel soak it up. I wouldn't use a razor blade. Like the person above card. Seems like if you started at it with a credit card it should come right off considering its glass. Try that first.


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Paper towel and heat gun. You can get a heat gun for cheap at your local hardware store (I think pad $20 for mine - nice to have around anyhow).

Remove the battery. Place paper towel on top of wax. Go back and forth with the heat gun to heat the wax (careful not to get too hot so as to not damage the plastic bezel of the phone). As the wax melts, the paper towel will soak it up.

Same method works well for getting wax out of carpet as well.


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Take 2 pieces of bubble gum, 3 thumb tacks, a fitted sheet, some orange juice with low pulp, duck tape and a BB gun.

Chew the gum and then pour some OJ in it making sure not to get too much pulp. Then put it in the freezer for 32 minutes.

At this point tack the sheet up over a window and duck tape the Inc (wrappen in saran wrap to the window behind it. Shoot the Dinc with the BB gun (while the sheet is between it.

Use the frozen gum to pick up the wax pieces.

You are good to go!