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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Bad_MOFO_33, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. bg4m3r

    bg4m3r Android Expert

    There isn't one for Sprint there, only Boost and Virgin. If anyone has one for Sprint, I'll add it.


  2. Wopman

    Wopman Newbie

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  3. jdogrambo

    jdogrambo Android Enthusiast

    I.need the sprint one fer my budy
  4. bg4m3r

    bg4m3r Android Expert

    It's in the rooting guide now.
  5. magnux

    magnux Member

    My Wifi isn't working. There is an exclamation point (!) next to my wifi, even when it is turned on or off. Is there a solution to this?

    Wifi was working on first boot during setup but it is no longer working.
  6. Gendo420

    Gendo420 Android Enthusiast

    Same here
  7. RonjonJim

    RonjonJim Lurker

    Any videos showing how well Rom works and if it can be used as daily driver
  8. Izzxy

    Izzxy Android Enthusiast

    Snapchat/vine etc work too?
  9. cotylee1991

    cotylee1991 Member

    No Snapchat did not work for me. Taking pictures and viewing pictures from your friends will work, but videos will be black if you receive one and if you try to record one it will turn it into a picture.
  10. rayandroid

    rayandroid Newbie

    HELLOOOOOO ! 1 ! 1 ! 1 !
    ( (e c h o e s) )
    >This Rom is Very Good Everybody left! This one.
    Running Cm12 and DebloatedDeodexed as my 2 main ones and this Rom popped in my head. I'm sure it'll catch up:)
  11. elusama

    elusama Newbie

    Im still running this. Some small bugs have popped up with the internet browser and it likes to try and do prl updates randomly, but whatever.

    If anyone else has been having issues with google maps not pinning your location correctly try using "waze" as it seems to be working perfectly fine still. ;D
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  12. Jheist

    Jheist Newbie

    What's the max CPU speed of this ROM? Same as the others @ 1593600? I ask because I'm really big on gaming. I cant download it right this second because im not on wifi. Also, is there any way I could tweak settings and go past 1593000 on a ROM such as pacman or cm11/12 that you guys have put out? Or is this not even possible for our CPU? Sorry for the nooby questions! I really don't mind pushing my device to its limits as far as overclocking so let me know if there is anything I can do to increase the speed on this already pretty quick phone. Thanks!
  13. niteryder

    niteryder Member

    Anyone know of a fix to get the notification light working? How about the roaming indicator off status bar?

    This is the only 5.x ROM that keeps LTE.
  14. Bad_MOFO_33

    Bad_MOFO_33 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

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  15. lopez1981

    lopez1981 Newbie

    trying to customize hardware buttons results in a force close.
  16. niteryder

    niteryder Member

    Grr, same here. The home button does nothing when the screen is off.
  17. kdraw44

    kdraw44 Android Enthusiast

    Any chance over clocking could be added to this kernel?
  18. Can Someone Please Help Me With The Green Camera Bug? Please.
    And I Falshed The Radio And APN Both And It Still Doesnt Have LTE. Boost Mobile Here. Any Help Would Be Very Appreciated Please.:(:saddroid:
  19. Bad_MOFO_33

    Bad_MOFO_33 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter


    UPDATE 8/06/2015 : https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=24052804347789946
    LTE/Data connection improved
    Bug- GPS halts when LTE connection is made
    Suggested fix for now when using GPS change to 3g mode
    Should have some improvement with video playback
    All video i tested worked with UCbrowser
    Removed NFC
    Fixed ADB
  20. adamhos1234

    adamhos1234 Android Expert

    Dirty flash
    Running great
    WiFi to LTE seems much more reliable.
    I do get a force close when I choose buttons in candy interface.
    Long press home brings up launcher settings, and I would like it to bring up recents
  21. adamhos1234

    adamhos1234 Android Expert

    Just realized double tap home brings up recent:D:D:D
  22. niteryder

    niteryder Member

    Anyone else still getting a force close in candy settings for hardware buttons?
  23. tytyty1

    tytyty1 Newbie

    The phone comes out of the box at 1.2ghz anything more than 1.6ghz is asking for trouble if it is possible. The GPU and the limited 1g RAM are bigger obstructions for your gaming desires. The kernel is what limits the Overclocking capabilities and I imagine there is a reason the OP left it out. However to answer your question Yes it is possible for the CPU to be overclocked although I don't think any higher than 1.6ghz would be stable.
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  24. sellersj27

    sellersj27 Well-Known Member

    I flashed this, along with the virgin apn fix and I have LTE again!!! My signal drop has stopped too. Thanks Dev!!
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  25. ChangeOfJinzo

    ChangeOfJinzo Member

    @Bad_MOFO_33 my device won't stay in sleep mode. Does anyone know a way to fix this? If it times out and goes to sleep mode, it wakes up. If I press power button to go to sleep mode, it wakes right back up. Thanks for the work and its a very smooth ROM. Help please, someone?

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