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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Bad_MOFO_33, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. ChangeOfJinzo

    ChangeOfJinzo Member

    I even tried the deep sleep fix. Nothing will work.


  2. Bad_MOFO_33

    Bad_MOFO_33 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Thats not sleep mode. Turn off lift2wake in display settings
  3. ChangeOfJinzo

    ChangeOfJinzo Member

    Thank you so much @Bad_MOFO_33 ! Means a lot. Its fixed. If I would've calmed down and not freaked out I probably would've been smart enough to figure that out cx . thanks again!
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  4. ChangeOfJinzo

    ChangeOfJinzo Member

    I only have a couple issues with this ROM. Out of the three ROMs you have out (at the time of me typing this) this is the best by far. I got better battery life and better performance out of this ROM than the Blisspop and CM12.1 (at the time of this the CM12.1 was updated at 6/28 and the Blisspop was updated at 8/6). Now, I have a problem with data and I used to be able to watch 480p videos in the YouTube app (720p every where else, like browser and etc) but now I can only watch YouTube videos in 360p. Also as you addressed, videos online don't work all the time unless using UC Browser. The second issue I have is the data. I have used all three of these ROMs and properly wiped between flashes and followed your directions and I did the Sprint APN fix on them all and data still didn't work. (Went in this order, Stock Firmware, then Candy ROM (Most updated at the time of this) then Blisspop, then CM12.1). I went back to stock again and everything worked and then flashed Candy ROM because out of the three, its the best. I tried Sprint Apn fix on them all and just nothing.. So I'm hoping within the next update or two, the Video issue and Data issue will be fixed. Thank you for the work you've done on these ROMs Bad_Mofo.
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  5. Bad_MOFO_33

    Bad_MOFO_33 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Uploading updated roms to my android file host page now. All three roms updated. Wont be able to do a write up till i get off work later tonight. Also i havent tested any of the updated roms yet. But i dont think much has changed on my part.
  6. Pls help. I installed this onto my Lg Volt Virgin Mobile and the virgin mobile apn fix but when I went to reboot the system after the install I'm getting the 3 moving balls bootlogo but it's looping. I left it for 20 minutes. I also forgot to set a recovery so I have no way of going back. Is there a different rom I could install???

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  7. ChangeOfJinzo

    ChangeOfJinzo Member

    You must've flashed the wrong APN fix. Also, the recovery stays. You dont have to set another one. It's still there. See if you can try to boot into twrp. Pull out the battery and do the button combo. If your able to get into the recovery, do an advanced wipe, except the external sd card and redo everything without the apn fix. This should work.
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  8. No when I said recovery I meant backup sorry. I got it working though. It works absolutely fantastic. Everything is working fine. No Data Problems. And now because my Volt was on 4.4.2 I'm now on 5.1 and I can use my wifi hotspot even though I'm not paying for it.
  9. Turn off Lift to wake. I had the same problem last night.
  10. So now my google play store keeps stopping no matter what I do. I tried disabling it and installing the stock version but it keeps crashing. I cant do much without. Is there a fix?
  11. ChangeOfJinzo

    ChangeOfJinzo Member

    Uhm.. That was while ago. Thanks though?
  12. jacob dj

    jacob dj Newbie

    Is there a way to enable usb-otg on this rom?
  13. fnf419

    fnf419 Lurker

    Sooo...before I flashed I made a backup of my contacts, apps, ect with lg backup...does anyone know how I can restore them? I can't find a working lg backup program anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated..
  14. My friend has free phone calls with Candy 2.0 - was a sprint pre-paid customer

    1. I want to backup his ROM, then flash Candy 3.2, and probably stick with CM12.1, depending on which one I like more. I understand there are updates that I don't see. The firmware, radios, CPU fixes. Which one is better right now with stability?
    2. Can you assure me that if I do a full backup, that he can safely go back to the Candy 2.0 IF he doesn't receive free phone calls on the new ROM? What's going on? does anybody know?
    3. Help me know what information you need, and how I can get it to you so we can figure out how in the hell this is happening! I don't know the proper way to "Dump" give "logs", but obviously I could upload the backup without the personal data. I don't want his personal information to get out.
    4. It's magical. Free. Calling. Now people want me to get them free service... Anyways, I will be posting this to XDA next. If you know where I should be posting this let me know.
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  15. elusama

    elusama Newbie

    The network improvements from the old version i was running are amazing. ^^
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  16. fnf419

    fnf419 Lurker

    I agree...i was using stock zv5 ROM and the connect speeds are waaaay better...it def doesn't help that half of my house is a dead zone(the better half...figures)...I can finally use my phone on the couch...yayyyy...battery life is also waaay better.
    So far I've ran into a few "annoyances" but I'm thinking its tolerable...its difficult to watch videos...half of them load but many do not...unable to connect error...and that's beside not being to record or watch recorded video...I'm not sure if LTE works cuz I'm not used to having it anyways but 3g works great...actually honestly the whole video thing is really the only grievance I have for the time being...sometimes the touchscreen gets a lil wonky but I think that happens to any device...a quick switch of the sleep button usually works it out tho...great work on a great ROM!!!
  17. fnf419

    fnf419 Lurker

    Oh...the only problem is that I cannot get LG Backup to install for the life of me...Ive been living w/o contacts since I flashed...I downloaded the stock ROM and pulled the apk file and followed many sets of instructions to install as a system app.
    At this point I'd even be willing to go back to stock just so I can restore and backup properly with titanium except I'm not sure if I can without the stock zv5 radio of which I can't find a download of...does anyone know?
  18. adamhos1234

    adamhos1234 Android Expert

    I doubt lg backup will work with this or any cm variant.
    For your contacts, the easiest way I know is to sync with your Google account, then when you sign in on any ROM they will be there.

    Did you make a nandroid backup in recovery before flashing?
    If so backup your current ROM and restore your stock backup.
    Go to your contacts and there should be an option to sync with Google.
    Once its synced, you can return to candy and sign in with Google and your contacts should sync.

    If you were already on zv5, you do not need to reflash radio.
  19. fnf419

    fnf419 Lurker

    Thanx everyone for the tidbits of information...It took awhile but in the long run I did exactly wat you advised and it worked out...contacts yayyyy!!!
  20. Tyler Wilber

    Tyler Wilber Lurker

    Ok I'm having trouble with just getting this rom running. I've flashed the rom using TWRP and Sideload along with the radio fix zip, but when I go to boot the phone it gets stuck at the boot screen where the colored dots are moving on the screen. It just stays there and I've left it for a good 20-30 minutes, but it never gets past it. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. Any suggestions.
  21. andMego

    andMego Android Enthusiast

    Just tried this. Works great but two major issues that I had were I am using ringplus and couldn't find an apn fix for it so service wouldn't work and in candy settings hardware buttons menu wouldn't open (fc). Switched back to stock. If anyone can help me with those things it would be great and I would be able to use as daily driver. Thanks
  22. andMego

    andMego Android Enthusiast

    You wiped data, cache, and dalvik?
  23. lopez1981

    lopez1981 Newbie

    You'd need find ringplus apn from their website or customer service and enter it manually and save. you should have data instantly or after reboot. The settings hardware buttons menu force closes for everyone, it a bug in the rom yet to be fixed.
  24. andMego

    andMego Android Enthusiast

    I know it's for everyone I was just pointing out for people who didn't know and were thinking of using the ROM that it isn't fixed yet.
  25. Tyler Wilber

    Tyler Wilber Lurker

    I wiped the cache and the dalvik, but not the data. Would that make a big difference?
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