Cannot backup HTC One X Pictures to Mac



I generally consider myself fairly tech savvy, so seeking out help about how to backup pictures from my phone is a very very dark place that I never thought I'd find myself in. To summarize:

I cannot transfer files between my HTC One X and my Mac running OSX Lion 10.7.5. I have about 4 GB of pictures and a few videos. I have them backup up on Google+, but would still like a hard copy. This appears impossible. I'm reading article after article detailing how infuriatingly easy it is to backup things oodles of different ways between android and mac, but I have been unable to get a single one to work for me.

I have connected the phone through USB. I have downloaded HTC Sync Manager. Although it opens every time I connect the phone, it refuses to recognize that the phone is connected and so won't let me transfer files. I'm stuck at the screen telling me to connect my phone.

I have tried setting up the file storage by manually "Mounting" the phone, but as of the latest Android update that option is no longer available. I was able to select "never sleep," "allow mock locations" and "enable debugging," but mount is MIA.

I have tried the "Android File Transfer," program, and was momentarily happy as after downloading it I could browse the files on the phone, but when I drag a file to the computer, it just said "Cannot replace file" when I tried to copy it to my computer. I looked online and saw that this sometimes happens with large video files, but this happened with me with every file, even pictures less than 1 MB.

I have tried the 2012 Dropbox APK that a bunch of online articles recommended that is supposed to upload photos over Wifi and then download them to a folder on your desktop, but that just made Dropbox unable to open for me.

I tried bluetooth - I connected bluetooth, paired the devices, and then went to gallery and tried to share via Bluetooth - I selected the files (999 of them, anyways) and it just said "Could not send IMG 001.png." "Could not send IMG 002.png." etc. etc.

I went to my Google+ photos and selected them all by holding down the mouse button to drag the box around all 1200+ pictures, but just got an error message when I tried to put them in an album or to download them.

I'm starting to think the only hope is to encase the harddrive in amber and wait until either an advanced civilization discovers a way to transfer files or until a more competent phone owner comes along that can relieve me of these responsibilities that I appear to be not yet ready for! Sorry, I've been at it for 3 or 4 hours now, and don't appear to be any closer than when I started.

Any help would be super, duper, fuper, guper appreciated. Thanks!