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Cannot connect Galaxy S7 to Mac

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Mar 14, 2016.

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    So I am new to Android, and already frustrated (day 2 of ownership). I simply want to transfer files (music, videos, etc.) from my iMac to my Galaxy S7 Edge.

    Smart Switch worked fine to initially load music. But now I want to manage that music.

    Android File Transfer constantly says it cannot connect to my device. I have uninstalled and re-installed it three times and tried the different USB modes (Transferring Media Files, Transferring Images, or Connecting MIDI Devices). So that is useless.

    DoubleTwist seems to recognise my phone when I use the "Connecting MIDI Devices" USB mode only. But now they ask me to "mount" my phone. Their little diagram of how to do so looks so outdated, that it evidently does not work for Galaxy S7 Marshmallow.

    TunesGo from Wondershare seems to recognise my phone when I use the "Connecting MIDI Devices" USB mode, but is a paid-for service.

    So is there any free way to simply transfer media files to my phone? This is absolutely crazy that Samsung does not seem to offer any solution.

    Now I'm regretting not getting another iPhone! ><

  2. mikedt

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    I've had trouble in the past with Android File Transfer on a Mac and Samsung phones. Although with the S4, it worked fine with CyanogenMod but not the Samsung firmware. A new S7 with Marshmallow, I don't know, not seen one yet. But could be same problem as with AFT and other Samsung phones on a Mac. I've used AFT with Oppo phones on a couple of Macs, and it's always been OK.

    "Connecting MIDI devices" that's for musical instruments AFAIK, like keyboards and electronic drums and things, so that sounds wrong for an Android phone. And I've never seen that.

    But frankly most of the time I don't even plug the phone in, and transfer data to and from the phone with WiFi, either using Airdroid or the phone's own FTP.
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    Mostly it's because Samsung and Apple don't play nice with each other. While there are other brands that seem to work fine with Macs, don't expect it to have the same level of seamlessness as you previouslt had with an iPhone and a Mac. It's an Apple thing to purposely make it hard for their devices to play witj other brands. On Windows it's a simple plug the device, wait for the drivers to download, and the device pops up in my computer and you can treat it almost similar to a flash drive. Macs are another story.

    Now that we got that away with to make you understand that you'll be looking at workarounds since you have devices that aren't friends.

    You can try looking a wireless network based solutions. AirDroid is something that comes to mind. AFAIK DoubleTwist can work with devices over the same WiFi connection. Also I seem to remember having read that Apple Music was available for Android. Have you looked into that?

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