Dec 25, 2011
When i first got the phone 2 weeks ago, it worked... my pc recognized the connection and I could access the folders on my phone, just like windows. Now when I connect it, all it does is charge my phone. I go into Settings/Wireless & Networks/USB utilities/Connect- when I hit the tab, it tells me that the USB is Connected, remove cable, then I do and then it tells me no Cable, to connect attach cable. This is a vicious circle. Please help.
Do not connect the USB cable first. Go to settings/wireless & network/usb/connect and tap the icon. It will ask you to connect the cable. That's when you connect the cable, and then tap another icon on the screen.

If that doesn't work, then might be some issue (like dirt) with the USB port. Try cleaning it.
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Yeah, I tried that. once i tap the button again, i get "Attention" USB is connected. Remove the cable.

And I get the charging notification so it connects fine to charge, but nothing else