Help Cannot connect to network or network error after software update


I have just done a Software update on my HTC Desire HD, now I can't use the my Wi-Fi network, it says it is connected, but all the apps. say "cannot connect to network or network error".
The software information is as follows: Android version: 2.3.3, HTC Sense version: 2.1 Software number (CL52372 release-keys).
The mobile connection is fine, but the Wi-Fi connection does not work.
I have done both a "soft" and "hard" reset, but this didn't solve the problem. Can anyone please help. Thanks

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The WiFi threshold in this update was set too low so whenever the wireless signal strength drops below -88db, WiFi will automatically disconnect and switch to the 3G Signal.

I think if you turn off mobile internet whilst connected to WiFi, you should be ok.


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Sorry, that didn't work, the WiFi connection is strong and stable, but the phone does not get onto the network although they are connected.