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Cannot download from Google playstore since CyanogenMod was installed

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by garmit61, Feb 4, 2016.

  1. garmit61

    garmit61 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have anHTC One M8 on Three UK network. The Android update that tried to process at the end of January failed and left my phone in a Reboot Loop. I couldn't get help from my Network provider because the phone is a replacement so not covered by them. I took it to a local phone repair shop and they have installed
    CyanogenMod on the phone. It works but I cannot reinstall any of my Apps from Google Play because the phone is not recognised by Playstore. Anyone know how I can define my rebuilt phone to playstore so I can download the hundred or so apps I use regularly as it is a really basic set up now with about a dozen apps. Is there a way I can conect it to my macbook to restore the data from my HTC backup utility? Since being reinstalled the phone cannot be detected by Android File Transfer.app on the Macbook


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  2. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate!
    VIP Member

    What do you mean by not recognised? Is there no Play Store app on there?

    Also, did you ask the shop to install CM?
  3. androidmachine

    androidmachine Android Enthusiast

    Either you or the shop must flash the correct Google apps (gapps) for your version of CyanogenMod. If that wasn't done, then the Google Play Store is unlikely to work.

    Gapps here.
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  4. saltire

    saltire Android Expert

    Just passing and noticed you have a M8. As El Presidente says did you ask them to flash CM? Bit odd they didn't return this to you with stock Sense back on it.

    Did they even include a Gapps package, do you have usual Google apps present?

    Did the phone start with a blank setup including signing in to your Google account when first turned on? Also depending on what/how they got CM on there the Android ID may have changed.

    Also for future ref. we have a number of helpful and experienced folk on here (I have an M8 myself), so feel free to post in the M8 sub-forum with any issues. We can probably help.
  5. garmit61

    garmit61 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I mean exactly that. My phone is ;listed in the list of devices upon which I can install and when I select it the Play store says my apps will be installed shortly, but they never are.
    Regarding the question of CM. I didn't ask them to install anything. I asked them if they could mend my phone so that it would boot. I presume that they had to root it to do that as the Android update made such a complete f""" up of updating itself. For me it's a bit like asking me if I asked the local garage to change the airfilter on my car when I ask them to service it. Of course I didn't, I expect them to know what to do. So now it appears I have to learn how to flash my device with a package called Gapps. I'll give it a go but I can see this one heading for the skip at this rate.
  6. garmit61

    garmit61 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I think I'll need to do some research before I even know what to ask. First stop is going to be what the hell I need to do to install a ROM and Gapps and stock Sense.
    Before the OS trashed my phone I had a standard unrooted phone with hundreds of Apps including Google Playstore, so this is all a bit of a pain in the ar5e really. Having migrated from the a more stable iphone a few years ago, purely because my eyesight means that swype typing and a large screen make life easier, I've had nothing but aggravation since losing my original M8 in December. I bought a refurb one that had a faulty SD card and then had this one a little over a week before an Android Update destroyed it.
  7. saltire

    saltire Android Expert

    It's not a major issue, and can be sorted easily. Can probably even get you back to stock Sense, depending on finding out a few key bits of info.

    Was this a Marshmallow update by any chance? Been a few phones that have been left in an unbootable state but even they can be sorted. Don't chuck it yet!
    On the face of what can look like a load of intimidating instructions, it's never that bad and folk end up rattling through it fairly quickly, and learning something in the process.

    I guess question is do you want to stick with CM or did you prefer the HTC Sense?

    Edit: research and some reading is always good, but there's help available on here too. Main thing is if you're unsure ask first before trying anything. Much easier that you start with a phone with no major problems!
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  8. garmit61

    garmit61 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the advice. I won't be rushing into it, the phone cost £200 used so I'm not looking to ruin it. I'll look into where I can get HTC Sense from and what I need to do to install it. I may be asking more questions soon.

    As for the release/update I have no idea what it was. I regularly get so many updates on the phone I just happend to download it and follow the instructions. Never again!
  9. saltire

    saltire Android Expert

    If you're up for it, getting stock Sense installed won't be difficult, and I can help with that. First we need to check what the shop might have done. This just needs booting the phone in to the bootloader, and posting some info from the bootloader screen for me. You do this by powering the phone fully off, and then holding vol down and power (keep holding vol down) until phone starts.

    You'll then see the bootloader screen (white background, the androids on skates at bottom), with text lines on it. Post what the second line from top says it'll either be Locked or Unlocked. And what the lines in green text say.

    To reboot normally you navigate through the coloured menu items at the bottom using the vol buttons to highlight the option you want, and the power button to select it. If the first line below the green text says HBOOT, you need to highlight and select FASTBOOT from the menu items. Wait until fastboot screen loads, the select the REBOOT option, and phone should reboot normally.
  10. garmit61

    garmit61 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Oh.. and I forgot to say.. Nice Trumpet you have

    OK... Here goes
    Followed the instructions. For a few seconds a message stating that a Development Build is installed appears and then it boots into the Android OS
  11. saltire

    saltire Android Expert

    Ok, Unlocked is good. Sorry you'll need to go back to bootloader though, as also need to know what the lines in green text just below the Unlocked line say (perhaps wasn't clear enough in my previous post).

    Edit: thanks, best bike I've had yet. Had to get something with decent legroom after smashing my left knee up. You?
  12. garmit61

    garmit61 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    eMMC-boot 2048MB
    Dec 17 2015,14:15:48.3
  13. saltire

    saltire Android Expert

    Even better. Unlocked and s-off is a great place to be. Need to pull a few things together for you. Will get back to you tomorrow.
  14. garmit61

    garmit61 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Many thanks. Much appreciated
  15. saltire

    saltire Android Expert

    Ok, first going to see if i can get a friendly mod to move this over to the HTC One M8 root sub-forum, as it'll be easier form me to keep tabs on.

    @Mikestony since I see you've been about recently, any chance you could do the honours thanks.
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  16. Mikestony

    Mikestony ~30% Carbon Black ±
    VIP Member

    Thanks for the tag @saltire :D
    Moved thread for ya!
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  17. saltire

    saltire Android Expert

    Bit of background. Your phone has an unlocked bootloader, which means we can load a custom recovery on the phone. This is really useful as it allows you to save a complete backup of your phone including the boot (kernel) and system partitions, as well as data. This custom recovery lives in a separate partition on your phone and means if something goes wrong you can easily restore a backup to get back to a working phone again.

    Your phone is also S-OFF, which means that HTC's security flag is switched off. This is an inbuilt safety mechanism as it won't for example let firmware for a different M8 hardware variant model be installed. You have this switched off, but is nothing to worry about just now as we will not be messing with firmware. It is however very useful to have in case something major happens at some point in the future. Your phone can be reverted back to S-ON but I would strongly recommend you leave it as is - it will not affect normal everyday use of the phone in any way, and you don't need to make use of this if you don't want to.

    Here's what I suggest we do, and instructions for you to work through. I'd recommend you have a read through it all first, and then work through the steps. It looks like a lot but I've tried to cover each step without missing anything out.

    You're going to get a set of tools called adb/fastboot installed on your PC, and then install latest version of the TWRP custom recovery. Then download a stock HTC Sense Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) set of TWRP backup files and restore them in TWRP.
    In case you feel more comfortable going fully back to stock, you'll also download the stock HTC recovery and have instructions on how to flash it and instructions on how to relock your bootloader. This will get you back to full stock HTC Sense and able to take OTA updates.

    Of course you can opt not to do this, leave TWRP recovery on and start experimenting with flashing custom roms if you want.

    This process will not touch the phone's internal storage or the external SD card, but it's always prudent to create back-ups first just in case (we don't know 100% what caused the initial issue or what the shop did so no guarantees).

    Some prep first, plus the downloads you need.

    If you haven't done so already, backup/copy as much as possible from the phone onto PC.

    Get the mini sdktools download from this post:

    ADB Guide (updated 2014/11/11)

    which also has instructions for set up.

    Two things we need to know or sort out first. Ideally we need to confirm your CID number (although I reckon this will be HTC__001 from your bootloader info and carrier), and we also need to know your phone's serial number. You can get your serial number by accessing Settings from the phone app drawer, scroll down and select About or About Phone and it should be in there, or look for another sub-menu it might be in (I don't run CM so don't lnow exactly where). Write it down carefully as you'll need it later (if you can't find it, you'll get it from the following prep step anyway).

    Reboot phone to bootloader and plug in to PC (so you see FASTBOOT USB on bootloader screen). Open a command prompt window in the adb/fastboot folder on your PC - if in Explorer hold shift + right click, and pick "Open command window here" from context menu.

    Then type:

    fastboot devices (to check fastboot connects to phone ok, it should also return the phone serial number - write this down if need be)

    If it does, then type:

    fastboot getvar all (this is just a check - confirm from the list that's returned what the CID number is eg HTC__001 , you can also double check the serial number as well )

    If the CID for some reason is different just make sure it is one of the numbers listed just above the two 6.12.401.4 download links in the first link to the xda post in step 1) below.

    As a further check on the firmware you have, make sure that in the info returned from the "fastboot getvar all" command, under Version-main this matches the firmware number 6.12.401.4

    Next steps to get you up and running:

    1) On PC download the TWRP backup files you need from here:


    pick one of the two download links for 6.12.401.4

    Plus the stock recovery, which is handy to have if you want to fully return to stock, from here:


    again, you want the 6.12.401.4 download link

    2) Next, do you have a micro sd card in the phone? So you can copy the TWRP backup files you downloaded to the micro sd card and access them in TWRP. The main point to note is that you need to place the extracted files from the zip or rar file in a folder, on micro sd card, with the following name:

    TWRP\BACKUPS\<your phone serial number>\<backup folder name>

    The phone's serial number is what you noted down - the <your phone serial number> folder you create needs to match this exactly.

    For <backup folder name> give it a name you'll recognise eg Stock_Backup - this can be can be whatever you like, I tend to avoid using spaces just in case.

    The key point is to make sure you have placed the extracted backup files in the above folder, so once we get the later version of TWRP flashed (see below), it will pick up the files for the restore. When you extract the zip/.rar file I suspect you'll find a folder extracted with a name that ends in "... release-keys" it is the files in this folder that you need. You can just use this folder if you like, but as this will appear in TWRP as the backup name I think something called "Stock_Backup" is easier to recognise and deal with.

    If you do this before the next steps, it'll save a bit of time.

    3) Then download the latest version of TWRP recovery from here, and save to folder on PC where you have the fastboot.exe:


    I'd go for at least the version but latest version should be fine. Check the md5sum for your downloaded file matches - the md5sum link is at the top of the website download page, and the mini sdk zip file includes a md5sum checker in it if you haven't got one.

    If md5 checks out, reboot phone to bootloader and plug in to PC (so you see FASTBOOT USB on bootloader screen). Open a command prompt window in the adb/fastboot folder on your PC - if in Explorer hold shift + right click, and pick "Open command window here" from context menu.

    Then type:

    fastboot devices (to check fastboot connects to phone ok, it should return the phone serial number)

    If it does, then type:

    fastboot flash recovery twrp- (assuming you downloaded the latest TWRP)

    4) Then we need to check you can get in to TWRP ok, on phone bootloader screen use vol down to highlight HBOOT from the menu and press power button to select. Wait until HBOOT finishes check (some green text appearing on screen), then select RECOVERY from menu using vol down and pressing power to select.

    This should load TWRP.

    Then you want to do the restore of the backup you downloaded, so select Restore to get into the restore screen. Now you need to point TWRP to your external SD card, look for the line of text in restore screen that will say something like Internal Storage, press on it and then select External SD Card (or might be Micro sd card, can't recall off the top of my head) - it should be obvious which to select. You should then see the backup listed.

    Press on backup name, you should then see a screen with various partitions to restore selected (ticked), there should at least be Boot, System and Data. Then at the bottom swipe the slider left to right to start the restore.

    At this point, once restore has completed successfully, I would reboot phone and check it boots ok and complete initial set-up before moving on to the stock recovery step. Check that Google account sign-in, Play Store account and so on are all ok and working successfully. If it boots ok, you might have to reboot back in to TWRP and do a data only wipe if there are any artifacts hanging around from the backup you have just restored. Let me know if that's the case.

    [Optional if you don't want to keep TWRP, and get back to stock - I wouldn't until we're sure phone is working ok]
    5) On PC, copy the stock recovery image you downloaded to your fastboot folder, reboot phone to bootloader and plug in to PC (so you see FASTBOOT USB on bootloader screen). Open a command prompt window in the adb/fastboot folder on your PC - if in Explorer hold shift + right click, and pick "Open command window here" from context menu.

    Then type:

    fastboot devices (again just to check fastboot connects to phone ok, it should return phone serial number)

    If it does, then type:

    fastboot flash recovery recovery_6.12.401.4.img (I haven't downloaded this so the "recovery_6.12.401.4.img" filename might be different, just type this with the correct filename if it is)

    This should be you back to 100% stock rom/kernel and recovery i.e. unrooted.

    [Optional if you want to go fully back to stock]
    6) Then if you want to, the last part is just a case of relocking the bootloader and the phone should be set for OTA updates. At this stage until we are sure everything is ok I wouldn't recommend doing this, in case we need to get TWRP back on. Command for this from PC is:

    fastboot oem lock

    Let us know how you get on.
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  18. garmit61

    garmit61 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    OK, I have fastboot and the TWRP files installed and I have backed all my data onto HTC cloud and Google Cloud before the handset went wrong as I have now had two problems on different M8 phones, However, I don't have a PC so I'm using a Mac. Before the phone self destructed I connected the HTC to me Macbook and a window popped up showing the connected phone. Now it connects because it charges but I cannot see the files on the phone so I cannot access the phone from the computer.
  19. saltire

    saltire Android Expert

    Ok, my bad - I should asked if you had a Win PC, as the fastboot install and commands might be different on a Mac.

    Connecting the phone whilst booted in to Android may not show access to the phone straight away, as it'll depend on getting drivers installed. Did you have HTC Sync manager installed (if there is a Mac version)? With phone booted normally and connected to Mac, if you go in to settings on the phone, and scroll through is there a entry for Developer Options? If there is tap to into this menu, scroll down to where you see entry saying something like Enable USB Debugging and tick the box if it's not already ticked. If you don't see an entry for Developer Options there will be a entry in Settings that includes Software Version or something similar, tap to go into the menu and then find the Build Number entry. Press on this 7 times and you should see a message saying something like "You are now a developer". Exit back to Settings and you should now have the Developer Options menu, and you can check USB Debugging is enabled. This might prompt a driver install. The other thing you could in Storage menu, press the three dots (top right corner) and check MTP mode is selected, you might have to switch to PTP mode and back to MTP to see if this prompts a driver install.

    The main thing we need to make sure of before running this process is that the phone is recognised by the Mac when phone is in fastboot mode. With CM installed, do you have an Advanced Power menu on the phone - with phone booted normally, if you press and hold power and then select Reboot do you get any additional options on the screen like Reboot Bootloader? If yes, press the Reboot Bootloader option. If not, power off the phone, and press and hold vol down + power to boot to bootloader. On HTC's there are 2 bootloader modes, and I can't remember off the top of my head if using vol down + power takes you straight to FASTBOOT mode or not. On the bootloader screen the mode is shown below the info text lines in green - this will either say FASTBOOT or HBOOT. If it says HBOOT, then to load FASTBOOT mode if you look further down the screen to the words in different colour text the top one should be Fastboot. Use the vol down button to highlight Fastboot and then press the power button to select, this will load FASTBOOT mode. If you then plug the phone in to your Mac, on the phone screen you should then see FASTBOOT USB displayed if the phone is recognised ok.

    If you don't see FASTBOOT USB let me know, as you'll need to try and get the correct drivers installed. Might need to call on someone who has a Mac to help us (unfortunately I'm a Windoze laptop user).
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