Cannot figure out how to share files wirelessly with my PC


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Am trying to drag/drop files from my Droid to my PC and back but cannot figure this out to save my life. I want to do it via wifi,not bluetooth. I DL es file explore but I cannot get my PC to recognize my Droid like it would if I connected via USB and mounted. How in the world do I get it so I can swap files back and forth? ES keeps asking for a password and I have no clue what password it wants. I did my initial logon password and it got me in but past that it's a no go. Not to mention the biggest prob is trying to get the PC to recognize it has the Droid connected and looking at files on its network. I'm using Vista and am rooted using Droidmod.


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I am actually working on an app right now that lets all files in any folder on your computer to your droid wirelessly, and this is one of the features I was thinking about adding but I am stuck at this one part. once I figure that out I should be good to go


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Also there's no where where it will allow me to enter the LAN name so it can be recognized on the network.

In ES File Explorer, there is a tab at the top of the screen where you choose LAN. Once you choose LAN, go to Menu and tap Add. I had to physically put in the IP address of the connection I wanted to make to get it to work. I do think that you have to do the file transfers from the driod, not the PC. It works great for me. You can navigate back an forth through folders very easily.

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