Help Cannot find a good quality tempered glass protector for S20 FE

Ive bought 3 different tempered glass screen protectors for my s20 FE and all are not great.
They all feel very thick, edges are not beveled/rounded in any way, and the camera protector that came with one set caused a blue haze on photos when flash was used.
They all fit differently too, some are too long so the edges never adhere properly, some are short so there is still unprotected glass.

Can anyone recommend a good quality, thin tempered glass protector?


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yeah not a lot of options for the fan edition of the s20. my two favorite screen protectors are zagg and whitestone, but they offer the screen protectors for most of the s20 line except for the FE edition.

what have you tried so far? where are you getting them from? amazon?


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yea, amazon is the only place that has things in stock.
Ive tried the GESMA ones and LK 6 pack

Theyre very thick and edges are not very rounded so it feels tall on the screen.
The camera protectors are unusable as photos all have a blue fog if the flash is used.