Cannot find wireless network



About a month ago I bought an Onda V702 (Android 4.0.4) and was never able to get online since it doesn't find my network (even though the Wi-fi mode is ON). When using my laptop, I can always get online.

I'd appreciate any help (with detailed instructions since I'm new using these devices and OS).



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Are you using wifi security (password, WEP or WPA encryption?) two of my tablets won't connect unless I turn security off, and both are budget brands


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I can't say for sure (at least, I didn't set any encryption intentionally and the system never requested any password). When I verified in Security > Passwords, there is only the option of "Make passwords visible" (which I cheched and unchecked with no different results). Nevertheless, when I selected "Advanced" in Wireless & networks > Wi-fi, there are two fields that can't be modified:

- MAC address (00:2a:01:00:63:b1)
- IP address (Unavailable)

It seemed relevant so I mentioned it. Thanks for your advices.