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Cannot get Apex 2.0 GB to work

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by BimmerM3, May 24, 2011.

  1. BimmerM3

    BimmerM3 Member
    Thread Starter

    I have been back and forth between froyo and GB in the past month or two and decided to upgrade back to GB last night if I could find an AOSP looking rom. I found Apex 2.0 and attempted to follow the instructions and install the rom, but got caught in a boot loop and had to sbf. Heres what I did:

    1. Installed GXbrooted (I believe its .573) with the intention of updated the kernal with the provided Apex kernal updater.
    2) Booted into recovery and installed Apex part 1 first then the Kernal updater
    3) rebooted, and got stuck in a boot loop

    The steps I took seem to be exactly what the instructions said. Im not sure if the kernal update only updates from .588 to .591, but I just figured it would work for an older version too. Anyone know what I may have done wrong? Id love to be on GB again but I want AOSP. Thanks

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  2. SimsDelt

    SimsDelt Android Expert

    I did the 3 install gb leak. Then update to .591. Then loaded Apex 2.0. Didn't do the kernel update because from .588 - .591 it was included in the update. I would try to SBF back to .340 and start over.
  3. Metfanant

    Metfanant Android Expert

    gotta be on .591 to flash Apex
  4. VoidedSaint

    VoidedSaint Resident Ninja

    you dont need to be on .591 i flashed apex from .588 and used the update kernel version he also posted in his thread
  5. Metfanant

    Metfanant Android Expert

    fair enough...but im pretty sure you can't go to ApeX from anything older than .588...

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