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Cannot get into contacts list and issue with texts....

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Muddy41, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. Muddy41

    Muddy41 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    My daughters Touch Slide contacts will not load. When you go into them it takes several minutes and then you get a error message that says "Activity Contacts (in application Contacts) is not responding". Then you get to options 1 is to force close or wait. You cannot force close I end up having to pull the battery to get out of it.

    Also when receiving text all that comes up are phone numbers no names come up even if they were in her contacts before.

    Also I cannot get into the phone button to dial out all I get is a black screen and it just states phone in the upper left corner but I cannot dial out.

    I am hoping someone can give me a hand figuring out my daughters phone!!!

    This has been going on for a while now. I have pulled the battery and removed the sims card and I still have the same issues.

    Willing to try anything to get this fixed.


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  2. jc1027

    jc1027 Newbie

    I had the same issue with my phone, what you can do is a master reset the thing is that its going to erase everything..after doing the master reset the phone should work fine and if it doesnt i reccomend callin a t mobile rep..i hope this helps
  3. mxj88

    mxj88 Lurker

    yeah try a master reset, it deletes everything on the phone not on the sd card. good luck

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