Cannot get WiFI


I have a HTC Desire phone and cannot use the WiFI. I have wifi provided by UPC and have a laptop and desktop from this. When I go into menu - wireless & networks - and click on wifi, it just scans, and scans, then disconnects. Under 'wiFi settings, there is a stored network (secured with WPA/WPA2 PSK), when I press this I get a pop up box (signal strength Excellent) looking for Wireless Password. I do not know that this is>> Any help would be great.


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If you didnt set the password yourself, it may be on a sticker stuck on the outside of the router. Also refered to as a Key. If it is not and it is a branded router, call your ISP.


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Like Dan said about the sticker, check that.
That's what it will be if it's not been changed.
Who's Internet is it?


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To confirm, you need to know the password in order to use a password protected WIFI access point. If it's your own, and you don't remember the password, call your provider for tech support and have them help you reset it. (You'll have to re-enter the new password on your computers also).

If it's not your own Wifi, well, they password is there because someone doesn't want you using it.