Cannot receive texts at all! What am I doing wrong?!?


Hi all~

Just received my LG Motion 4G phone for Christmas, and this is my first experience ever with a cell phone that has all these wonderful "bells & whistles" in it! I do love it, but I confess to being totally lost in setting it up so far. The "Instruction Manual" that came in the box was not helpful to this novice at all. I'm an "old-timer"! :eek:

Main problem is my phone cannot receive any texts that are sent to me. I can send texts out, and friends receive them, but when they text me back, all that appears on my screen is "No Messages" :thinking: Anyone have some tips or ideas for me to fix this? And please---I have my "Senior Moments" now and again---could you please have patience with my ignorance of this new-to-me technology and make your answer ridiculously simple for me??

Thank you all in advance for your help~

Kind regards,

Mary R.
This is probably a carrier issue. Presumably you're on Metro if you have this phone, you may want to give their cust service # a call or stop into a local store (preferably a corporate one).


Android Expert
Try restarting your phone it might be just a glitch.

do you know how to open task bar (the bar on top with signal strength, battery indicator etc.) you need to swipe it down with your finger. (just move your finger from the top of the screen to bottom).

Tap on the application grid button on the bottom center of your screen. Find an application called "messaging", open it up, see if any messages there.


Android Expert
When I first got my Motion, and set it all up, I had the same problem, only with calls.. I was trying to call my old cell phone, from my new Motion, and nothing was happening... I was about to go back to the store, but then I got an idea: Why not just try to reboot the phone? So I held the power button down for three seconds, and when the menu pops up, select "Power Off and Reboot".. When the phone rebooted, I had no trouble making calls. Do the same, then try having someone text you, and see if you receive the message now.

The other thing, make sure you have a singal. Up in the top bar, if you don't see 4G with some bars next to it, or at least 1X with some bars next to it, you will not be able to receive messages.