May 5, 2014
I received a question re my posting but it will not allow me to reply. I looked at the top of the page and it had my name so I do not know what to do...please advise...thank you
Hi iamgadget, I moved your thread to the Feedback forum :)

Are you able to post a reply using the link SavageRobot provided?

How to post from the Android Forums FAQ:

When you want to reply to a thread there are a couple of options available to post.

You can press the button in a members post, that is located on the bottom right of the post you want to reply to. The "reply" button will automatically insert the members' text to your reply box. ---(This is the most common way to quote someone's text when replying to a certain member.)

You can also use the button located at the bottom-right of each post in the thread.
Hitting the "quote" button will automatically start a "multi-quote" action.

You can also just simply start typing a reply in the reply box at the bottom of the thread.

Once you are done with your reply press "post reply" at the bottom of the reply box and you will be redirected to the thread with your new reply posted.