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Cannot set up any POP3 email accounts!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by peter goesinya, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. peter goesinya

    Thread Starter

    I am unable to set up any POP3 email accounts. I've tried Hotmail, Windows Live, Sympatico, Yahoo and I always get "user name and password are not correct", but they ARE.

    I was on the phone with Rogers Tech Support for over an hour and we can't figure out why it's not working.

    Tried both automatic and manual configurations.

    Anyone have any luck with this yet? HELP!

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  2. zunnun

    zunnun Newbie

    Same thing happened to me - could not setup those accounts! They have a built in IM client that allows u to connect to MSN & Yahoo - but i could not login with that s/w - always error!!! Only Google Talk s/w works.

    Now I am using Fring (for IM & SIP calls, downloaded from Marketplace) & it works...
  3. peter goesinya

    Thread Starter

    It appears that the only account that will work other than Gmail is Yahoo.CA (don't try Yahoo.com, it doesn't work). I finally was able to set up Sympatico (even though they use the hotmail servers), but still cannot set up to sync with any hotmail or live.com accounts. Per Rogers tech support, the hotmail/live.com sync will not work. I find this ludicrous and totally unbelievable, they're among the most popular web hosts.

    So the workaround is to have any hotmail/live.com/other POP3 accounts forwarded to either the Yahoo.ca or Gmail account and then sync with that account.

    Funny enough, the email setup screen on the phone says you can set up ANY POP3 email account.

    I mentioned to Rogers tech about the O/S already being at 2.0 and the Eve only on 1.5, and asked if they will be offering OS upgrades. He says yes but I don't think he really knows.

    Also I asked him to escalate to 2nd level support.

    I think it's a problem on the Rogers side.
  4. TerroRizing

    TerroRizing Lurker

    lol, you cant sync through hotmail on a google os phone, key word google ie gmail. And you should be able to setup any email address that has pop access through the email setting, not the gmail icon but the email one.:cool:
  5. kimdda

    kimdda Lurker

    I set up Hotmail successfully at the first time by automatic config. So, I actually don't know what the problem is. I set this through "Email" icon, not Gmail. This is the Server Setting on my phn:

    - POP3 server: pop3.live.com
    - Port: 995
    - Security type: SSL (if available)

    - SMTP server: smtp.live.com
    - Port: 25
    - Security type: TLS (if available)

    Other than that, i have no idea.
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  6. thevaultron

    thevaultron Lurker

    I am also having a little trouble with setting up a POP account. I have an EastLink email addy (to be honest I have many), but cannot use them because the outgoing EastLink server does not allow relaying. Should I just use smtp.broadband.rogers.com then?
  7. TerroRizing

    TerroRizing Lurker

    use smtp.rogerswirelessdata.com if on the wireless network.
  8. ash1

    ash1 Lurker

    Have a Telus account working but can't get Yahoo.ca. Anyone have the server settings used to get Yahoo.ca working?
  9. speedshop

    speedshop Lurker

    So, I got the new eve 5 days ago. Tried setting up my telus email. No luck. Must have tried 20 times with every combination possible. G mail worked no problem.

    Was on the phone with 2 of rogers Tech people, they knew less then I did. So after an hour he said it must be the phone and told my to get a new 1. So I did, no problem. And low and behold...same issue.

    I finaly ended up syncing my Telus through gmail to get my emails. It's not right but works for now.

    The previous post said Telus worked for them, any suggestions.
  10. blairis

    blairis Lurker

    You're missing out on the power of using the Google services like calendar and contact synchronization by sticking with POP3 accounts. Setup a Gmail account then use Gmail fetcher so that the Gmail system continuously retrieves the email from your other POP3 accounts. You also get instant email with Gmail. Details here: Get mail from other accounts - Gmail Help

    By the way, it also works great with custom domains running on Google Apps. So simple to use and the instant sync of calendar, contacts, and email makes it better than a Blackberry.
  11. blairis

    blairis Lurker

    When you use a mail server other than the one provided by the ISP hosting your email account your outgoing messages are much more likely to get flagged as spam.

    For the ultimate integration with Android phones move your email system to Google Standard (free) or Premier Edition. Details here: Google Apps Standard Edition helps groups build communities - Google Apps Standard Edition

    Disclosure: I migrate companies to Google Apps on a consulting basis. Home (Interlock IT)
  12. speedshop

    speedshop Lurker

    Thanks for the reply's guys. I did forward my other accounts to g mail, and it does work well. I guess I am just being stuburn about that damn phone being able to handle those other accounts.

    I am however still very peeved with Rogers inability to help, not suprised, but peeved. They know absolutaly nothing about this phone, maybe the andriod system all together. I am going to keep bugging them every day, just for kicks. The idiot on the phone told me to phone LG direct to see if they could help. OMG.......
  13. teamevergreen

    teamevergreen Newbie

    I had problems at first too but successfully set up my shaw accounts as well as a pop3 from a private domain. I just had to try every setting!! if your servers arent using any encryption then make sure you specify that in the settings because it will make a difference on some mail servers. Just keep trying... you should be able to use any email account with the default mail client.
  14. eskae

    eskae Lurker

    Hey guys, total computer/tech/android newbie here so I didn't really know what I was doing when I got this phone. My hotmail outgoing emails failed to send so what I did was look at my boyfriend's iPhone outgoing server details when he synced his hotmail and copied his port (my outgoing port was different than his). After I changed it to his port, my outgoing emails are sending. Not sure if this is a permanent/real solution but it's working so far!
  15. speedshop

    speedshop Lurker

    Well, I got rid of the second eve I tried. Took some strong arming with Rogers but I won. Like the Android system, so I ended up going with the HTC Magic. Much nicer to use. touch is so much eisier to use. Miss the slide out keyboard a bit, but the phones other performance will quickly make up for that. And at least HTC has promissed 2.1 upgrade soon.
    As far as setting up my Telus pop3/and or imap is concerned.....not an issue. Works awsome both settings.

    Talked to many people, and almost all of them heard something bad about Eve, avoid it for now.
  16. neetdta

    neetdta Lurker

    I have been trying to setup my yahoo.ca mail accounts for two weeks now, Rogers has been no help. They send me to the store and the store tells me to call Rogers, tech supports needs help.

    How can i setup Yahoo.ca email? Hotmail works with no problem

    Please help, anybody
  17. NvrStsfyd

    NvrStsfyd Lurker

    This phone just straight sux for Email Setup , not even GMail will push properly only by refresh! Besides this the phone is great but I got rid of it just for this reason , Come ON LG- hope you get it right next time.....

    ( I did finally figure out how to set yahoo ( not Yahoo.ca) - I will post settings ASAP -

    Here is APN settings though that work for MMS in ANd OUtgoing

    AT&T -

    Internet Settings
    MMS Settings
    APN: wap.cingular
    Proxy: [Leave Blank]
    Port: [Leave Blank]
    Password: CINGULAR1 ( CAPS )
    Server: [Leave Blank]
    MMSC: http://mmsc.cingular.com
    MMS Proxy: wireless.cingular.com ( this is what they all got wrong!)
    MMS Port: 80
    MMS Protocol: [Leave Blank]
    MCC: 310
    MNC: 410
  18. blairis

    blairis Lurker

    I initially thought it was a setup issue but is everyone having the same experience as NvrStsfyd where Gmail works great but isn't pushed to the phone? In other words you have to choose refresh to see your new emails?

    My Blackberry Bold gets push email since it's using Google Apps Premier Edition.
  19. NvrStsfyd

    NvrStsfyd Lurker

    OK here it is , when you setting up your yahoo account go to manual setup and where it lists your POP email address setting use - plus.pop.mail.yahoo.com - Leave all the other settings as they are - and use smtp.yahoo.com on your outgoing email settings and it will link up your yahoo, but it works just as great as the GMail!

    I have since got rid of My Eve even though it took me a month to find one! I liked the phone and size weight and dixv options and menus through out - besides that the phone is way to laggy and emailing sux! So I'm gonna wait and hope LG gets it right on their upcoming model. I've gone back to the cliq!
  20. mr-zee

    mr-zee Newbie

  21. Crash27

    Crash27 Android Enthusiast

    I setup mine with no issues with yahoo, the only one I had trouble with is Cogeco, I cannot get it to work, it says there is an error everytime, if anyone know what the fix is or the setting let me know, I am on Cogeco SOHO Business so it is the .net email. I also tried a program called eBuddy which works great for a all in one chat application, it works with everything.
  22. Mada Ferguson

    Mada Ferguson Lurker

    For Rogers email accounts,

    • Simply put in your login information
    • Select POP3, reput in your login information.
    • The POP server should be; pop.broadband.rogers.com (port should be 110)
    • It should refresh again, which you will have to put your login information yet again (or not, whichever works).
    • The SMTP server should be smtp.broadband.rogers.com (port should be 25)
    All in all that should work. It worked for me. I hope this helps.
  23. drowned.rat

    drowned.rat Newbie

    So I have a Rogers version of the LG Eve and am having issues with my Eastlink POP email. I can get my incoming eastlink email to my Eve no problem, but the phone will not send outgoing with Eastlink. Tried switching my outgoing mail server to Rogers but that didn't work either.
    I ended up contacting Rogers and they had a file on the issue already. Supposedly it is being looked into. The Tech support said until LG or Android fix the issue (hahahaha) the work around is to have all your mail from Eastlink forward to another account that can be read on the Eve. I use my Gmail account since it is already associated with the phone.

    Am I happy about this "work around'? No.
    Is there anything I can do about it if I want to keep this phone? No.

    I am actually considering switching completely over to gmail for all my email to avoid the problem BUT.....now I am having other issues (see forum post on Phone Storage Full). I can't figure out where to pinpoint my hatred....LG, Rogers, or Eastlink!
  24. mongodroid

    mongodroid Lurker

    I have yahoo.ca working.
    incoming server......pop.mail.yahoo.ca
    port 995
    ssl if available
    outgoing server.......smtp.mail.yahoo.ca
    port 465
    ssl if available
    Rogers techs have a loose screw. They sent me a new phone because t
  25. Robthom

    Robthom Lurker

    Excellent - worked for me - thanks

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