Aug 13, 2012
Just got my S3, nice phone if I could actually sync contacts to it form my iMac ..
Sorry I am a newby to the Android world
- Tried sync contacts with iTunes to Google Account, the contacts don't appear in Google Contacts therefore don't appear on S3
- Downloaded Kies from Samsung tried to install onto iMac cannot proceed with the install because Kies is only supported on OS X 10.7 at the moment, is there a version that supports 10.8 of OS X ?
- Tried to use SyncMate to Sync the contacts to the S3, appears to be doing something but no contacts

Sorry to sound like a dip shit, but can someone please provide some pointers on OS X 10.8 / Google Contacts or something

I've read that there are currently issues with the SGSIII and Mt Lion. I believe more with Mt Lion than with the SGSIII. Hopefully there will be some resolve to this soon.
Get a little app called AB2CSV. You will find it in the iTunes app store. It will create a CSV file from your address book. Upload the CSV file to Google contacts etc etc.