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Cannot Sync Outlook (contacts, calendar, notes) Need help!

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by calaski8123, May 18, 2010.

  1. calaski8123

    calaski8123 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hello, I'm a new HTC Incredible owner (just switched from Blackberry) and I need some help. I have searched all over and cannot find the answer.

    I have an HTC Incredible on Verison running Android 2.1. With the Blackberry (NOT Exchange), I was easily able to sync contacts, calendar, Tasks, and notes with my BB. I cannot seem to do this with the Incredible.

    I actually found an HTC Sync program on my phone which I installed and was able to sync the calendar and contacts once, but I have been unable to do so again. I have not found any snyc for notes or tasks. This seems like such a standard need that I cannot understand why it is not a basic ability on this awesome phone.

    Anyway, I need to be able to sync my contacts, calendar, tasks and notes AND I would like to be able to backup my phone to my PC.

    I like this phone better than the BB but in terms of sync the BB has it beat hands down... please help!!!


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  2. takeshi

    takeshi Android Expert

    Outlook sync in general with Android is an issue. It's by no means an issue exclusive to the Incredible. I've seen a lot of threads on suggested solutions but none that people seem to be totally happy with. Good luck with it!
  3. Isthmus

    Isthmus Android Expert

    The easy way is to export your contacts to gmail, then use google's calendar as your main calendar function. You can set up outlook to forward everything to your gmail account, or (and someone who knows better please chime in) you can use available apps to have your device communicate with your work exchange server.

    I just switched everything to google and installed a link to gmail and the calendar on my XP desktop's dock. Here is how the dock looks with the apps and links. The icons for yahoo mail, g-mail and the google calendar are just to the right of the IE icon. if you set up something like this, your e-mail and calendar is just one click away.


    Here is how it looks on the desktop (click on the thumbnail for a full view).


    Keeps it clean and easy to read. I'm pretty sure that newer windows systems allow for Widgets to view the calendar and to do list (you can modify XP to do it as well, but I experienced stability and performance issues).

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  4. calaski8123

    calaski8123 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    wow... ok thanks for the help. I can't believe such a standard function is not addressed by Android. I do not have an exchange server. I just use Outlook (POP3) but all my contacts and calendar is extensively used. I really don't want to have to use Google calendar.

    How about backing up to my PC? There is a backup assistant on the phone but it doesn't seem to do anything? If I lose my phone or I want to restore to a week ago, how would I do that?
  5. Isthmus

    Isthmus Android Expert

    IIRC the e-mail function will support pop3 accounts.
  6. 3-fords1000

    3-fords1000 Newbie

    I have a Droid Eris running 2.1 and POP3 is supported. But like you I want to sync my contacts and calendar with Outlook. As for the HTC Sync program, I have to start my computer with the phone plugged in and then turn off and on again, with it connected. I can't update HTC Sync until IT has time to install so I don't know if the latest version is any better but I have been able to get it to work.

  7. cginca

    cginca Lurker

    I like you switched from a BB to the HTC Incredible and have been very happy with the move. It took some research (I tried the Motorola Droid for a while), but have found a workable solution to my Outlook sync issue. I use google calendar to sync my contacts and calendar. No desktop connection needed. I set up my email accounts on the phone but don't sync them. I installed Mark/Space The Missing Sync for Android to get my notes (which I MUST have). Works like a charm. The Missing Sync (Mark/Space Store) is a little pricey at $39, but it provided what I needed plus much more.

    Hope this helps.:)
  8. wayrad

    wayrad Android Expert

    I have the same questions, except I'm coming from the perspective of wanting to avoid cloud sync if possible. So I don't quite dare test the Verizon backup utility, since it looks like that's what it does. Can anyone tell me more about it? Does it simply duplicate the function of the Gmail sync, or does it back up the whole phone (in which case I might overcome my objections)?
  9. allturners

    allturners Lurker


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