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Cannot Transfer Pictures to SD Card or PC (Ascend 2)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Magic Man, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. Magic Man

    Magic Man Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hello. I have yet to find anyone who can answer the following simple question about my Huawei Ascend 2 (Model M865). And "anyone" includes tech-support people at both Cricket and Huawei!

    From what I can tell, it is physically impossible to perform any of the following three fundamental tasks on the Ascend 2. (If I'm wrong, would you please tell me how to do any or all of them? I'd be very grateful, to say the least.)

    As of right now, I cannot:

    1. Set the default so all pictures and/or videos taken are automatically saved on the phone's SD card. In fact, there is no default setting to even change. The phone automatically saves all pics and vids to the Camera folder.

    2. Transfer pictures and videos from the phone's Camera folder to the SD card. I tried doing this from within the phone, at every level I could think of (e.g., menus at individual pics, the file manager, the Gallery app/folder, the Camera folder, etc.).

    3. Transfer multiple pictures and videos from the phone to my PC, which is my ultimate goal. I've already connected the phone to my PC with the USB cord, but all I see are two folders (document and drivers) and two files (Autorun.inf and Mobile Partner.ico). And when I look inside the aforementioned two folders, all I see are some subfolders with .dll and PDF files.

    If anyone can accurately answer my question, I'll be so happy (and somewhat amazed). I'm hoping I'm overlooking something really simple. If so, feel free to make fun of me and call me names (e.g., idiot, moron, nincompoop, dolt, etc.). If not, what were Huawei engineers thinking when they designed this phone? And why didn't the Cricket guy who signed me up warn me that you can't transfer pics and vids to a PC? And why hasn't anyone been able to answer this question so far? I've looked seemingly everywhere, including the owner's manual, with absolutely no luck.

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. danprints

    danprints Newbie

    does you pics go directly to photo bucket? its an app on phone?
  3. Pikidalto

    Pikidalto Newbie

    It is most certainly possible, both physically and mentally. Just do your research.

    1. Just remove the SD card (make sure to unmount it first in Settings -> Storage). It will save to the phone's internal memory. Or do you want it on the SD card, but in a different folder? Not sure about that one.

    2. I know it is possible. I don't know if the stock file manager can do it, but you can get a file manager on Market that can do it. I haven't tried via Gallery.

    3. Are you looking on the virtual CD drive that appears? That's not where the pics will be. It contains only Windows drivers for certain functions. When you plug in the phone, the phone asks you to turn on USB storage, mine always has. If it doesn't appear, this is because you have something running, and the phone doesn't want to interrupt. Pull down the status bar, there should be a notification that you can tap to bring up the message. (if you can't enable USB storage, try installing the drivers off the virtual CD, I don't know how since I don't use Windows) Another way to do it is to remove the SD card from the phone (unmount in Settings -> Storage before removing) and use a card reader on your computer. If your computer doesn't have a reader for a microSD card built in, you can get one in the local electronics shop.

    The SD card is physically removable, just remove the batter cover. It will be near the top, sticking out on one side. You can drag it out with your thumb. When you reinsert it, do so with with label side facing you and the side with the contacts facing the phone.

    Always unmount/safely remove (these are both the same thing) the SD card before removing. This is important because the phone or computer might be accessing something on the SD card, and unmount will tell it to finish up so you can remove the SD card without running the risk of messing up your data.
  4. linbradleymk2

    linbradleymk2 Lurker

    I literally JUST figured this out, and I hope it works for you! You will need a micro sd card adapter. It looks like the sd card for a digital camera, but it has a little place to insert the micro sd from your phone. Insert it into the sd port of your computer. Click "Start", go to "My Computer" or "Computer" click on the SD card file. From there, click on the DCIM file. Then "camera". Tada. Apparently it saves them automatically. Who knew? Not me. :)
  5. alphadrago12

    alphadrago12 Lurker

    ok if you are looking to move the pictures off of your phone to your comp then you need to make sure that you have mounted the sd card to your comp.
    i have an huawei ascend 2 from us cellular and i had to look for a min to find my camera folder. when you have access to your sd card through your comp look in drive H: you should see all everything you have on the sd card scroll down till u see DCIM open that and you should see 3 folders, camera is there and all the pics have taken should be there.

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