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Cannot update apps - not enough storage space

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by KenCoburn, Mar 20, 2016.

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    Moto G 3rd Edition - 32GB SDCARD.
    I keep getting a "not enough storage space" message when updating apps. I bought the SDCARD hoping that would cure thee problem and moved a number of apps to the SDCARD using the All-in-One Tool's App2SD program. However a few apps, including All-in-One, Ppp Backup and Restore, ES File Manager, QuickPic and WiFi Finder cannot be moved (all I get is the UNINSTALL and FORCE STOP options. There are other apps on my phone (such as Dropbox, BBC News, Photos, WhatsApp which do not appear in the App2SD program. According to the All-in-One program I have the 10%RAM, 328%ROM and 99%SDCARD memory left. How can I use more of the SDCARD memory to fix the "not enough storage space" problem.

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