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Cannot update from 1.47.651.1!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by eric_md, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. eric_md

    eric_md Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I unrooted in preparation for Gingerbread, and now I can't seem to update at all. I downloaded an OTA update to 1.47.651.1, and now it says I am 'up to date' when I try to update. I don't care to root again, I just want to get updated to Gingerbread. Info from settings pages:

    Firmware version: 2.1-update1
    Baseband version:
    Kernel version: 2.6.29-789bf291 htc-kernel@and18-2 #1
    Build number: 1.47.651.1 CL195459 release-keys
    Software number: 1.47.651.1
    Browser version: WebKit 3.1
    PRI Version: 1.40_003
    PRL Version: 60681

    Hardware version: 0003
    Model number: PC36100

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  2. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    you could have just flashed a rooted ota rom and you would have been updated. not sure but have you tried to update your prl and profile?

    ANTHONY! Lurker

    I have encountered the same problem, have you find a solution?

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