Help Cannot upgrade Samsung Galaxy SL


Hi All,

I am trying to upgrade my Samsung Galaxy SL from 2.2 froyo to 2.3 gingerbread as the update is officially available , however when I connect through Kies , it recognizes the phone and shows that the firmware upgrade is available , and when i accept terms and conditions and try to move to the next step of upgrade , Kies gives an error message " connection lost" and then it tries to find the phone again and shows that there is a firmware upgrade available and it just keeps going on in a loop endlessly.

Any suggestions pls ?


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Yes , done that twice , Kies latest version 2.1.0 is already installed , I am using Win 7 64 bit machine , still the same loop of upgrade -> disconnect -> reconnect -> upgrade when i try to use Kies for upgrdae.


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I was using Go keyboard , I removed it , and still the same issue , I am not using any other launcher on my phone , its still connects , shows the upgrade , I click to move forward and upgrade , it says phone is disconnected and then it finds the phone again and the loop continues , its very frustrating that such a simple thing would take so much time to do.


Hi guys..
I too had the same problem with my office PC.
Initially i thought maybe my office PC was the problem. To confirm, i then connected a laptop to my LAN and tried again. Problem not solved. I also tried uninstaling and reinstalling kies but again the problem was not solved.
Then i went home and tried it in my personal laptop, it worked!
Now everytime i open KIES in office, it still shows the same error. Thus i have to update (or check for updates) on my personal laptop.
Maybe it has something to do with the internet connection!? i really dont know.
if you have any friend with internet @ home, try connecting to his pc and then check.

hope it works for u!


hi all...
i have updated my phone thrice....although faced the same problem..
u have to keep trying again and again and will get updated after trying n number of times....i think the problem is with samsung server....
thats the only way i will get disconnected but repeat it till it gets done....its hell lot of job....thtats the only way out,....