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Cannot use Skype or Whatsapp using WI-FI hotspot

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Peter Fram, Mar 22, 2016.

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    I am bit new to Android, I have an old Samsung GT5830 phone. I would like to know if anyoone knows the solution to my problem. I only use my phone as a pay as you go, so I don't have a network package, but I use my home WI-FI and everything works fine. I can use Skype, browse the internet, etc. However when travelling I connected to an airport free hotspot. The phone showed the connection was there, but I could not use any of my communicators. Message was "no network". I had the same issue when I connected my phone to an airplane network via a USB port under the seat. Again, the phone showed connected, but still could not use it.

    Is there some special setting I need to change to use a public WI-Fi network?


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    Post #2 by mikedt, Mar 22, 2016 (1 points)
  3. mikedt

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    Usually with airport or aircraft internet, there will be landing page to deal with, where you have to register, verify your phone number, or enter payment details etc. before you can go online. Try opening the browser, go to a site, that should bring up the WiFi provider's pages, and follow what it says.

    Might look something like this.
    If you want to use internet on a plane, you've got to be baller. $$$$$
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  4. Peter Fram

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    Thanks, I think you answered my question, that's what I thought. What strikes me is that they say it's Free, but in the end they ask you for your card details.
  5. mikedt

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    Frequently in the airport terminal, in departures, air-side, etc, WiFi can be free, but they'll often require your phone number, and it's verified via SMS. Heathrow Airport UK, just have to provide an email address, and that's not even verified. All depends on the particular airport of course. :) That tariff I showed for example, was on an international flight with Aeroflot, Beijing to Moscow. Other airlines might charge differently. Internet on planes is connected by satellite, and I think that's why it's stupidly expensive.

    Some buses, trains and subways provide WiFi internet as well, which is sometimes free, but again you'll usually have to register, login, provide phone number, etc.
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  6. Timberhawk

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    It may be similar to hotel free Wi-Fi. You need to log in at a browser landing page.
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  7. Timberhawk

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    Same with free Wi-Fi in fast food places.
  8. AZgl1500

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    Most of the hotels I have stayed at, use a WiFi Home Landing page and you have to enter your Room Number plus the name you Registered under, and off you go.
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