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Cannot view/find any paid apps in market !?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by quantum0natato, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. quantum0natato

    Thread Starter

    Hey there,

    I recently got a new Sony Tablet S (for christmas!) which runs Android . It was purchased in Jersey, Channel Islands (part of the UK) which is where I live, however, I cannot access the English Android market, which I should be able to as Jersey is a part of Great Britain.

    I have a Sony Xperia Play mobile which runs android and that connects to the English market no problem allowing me to buy apps, and I have done so, however, on the Tablet, I can only see free apps, and many apps that come with the tablet, and just need to be downloaded fully, give me the message 'This app is not available in your location'.

    Is there anyway to change my location virtually, like using a VPN, or when I go to mainland england next week, will I automatically be allowed onto the full English market ?

    Thanks in advance !


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  2. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy

    Go into Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > All tab > Scroll to Market and tap it > Clear data. Then try again.

    If that doesn't work, log into market.android.com and see if you can push any paid apps to your tablet. You might also get some more info on why you can't download paid apps.

    The last thing might be to download a new market apk (called vending.apk) from a reliable source (Phandroid, Android Police, etc) and install it.
  3. quantum0natato

    Thread Starter

    Hi, thank you for your reply however, unfortunatly none of these methods seemed to work unless it was me doing it incorrectly. When I logged onto my google account to see all the apps I have paid for, only the free apps showed when I was on the tablet, however, all the free and paid apps showed up when done on my phone.

    Im going to mainland england in a few days, Ill try the market there and if I can see paid apps there, it must be something to do with my internet location, if that makes sense !

    All the best, have a nice new year

  4. rethanon

    rethanon Newbie

    Hi Quantum, did it work? I am getting the same problem with my ASUS Transformer TF101 as I'm in Guernsey. When I took it away on holiday with me to Dominican Republic I was able to buy apps from the Android Market, but while I'm in Guernsey I can only see free apps.

    So far I've had to send my TF101 back to ASUS THREE times for repairs within 6 months, and now with this problem I'm getting seriously tired of the whole affair. Hats off to Apple for making everything so trouble free (my wife has an iPad 2).


  5. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    If I understand this correctly, Google are not distributing paid Market apps in the Channel Islands?!?! They think Jersey and Guernsey are like Saudi Arabia, North Korea, China or something?
  6. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    AFAIK Apple bases its app store availably on the country of your credit card and NOT IP address location. One thinks Google should be doing likewise. I'm a UK citizen, I have a UK bank card, but I can't buy paid Market apps though. Now if I had an iPhone or iPad, I'd be sorted.
  7. rethanon

    rethanon Newbie

    Well that's what I thought to begin with, however it seems strange to me that the Market is restricted for tablets - anyone in Guernsey and Jersey with an android smartphone can access the Market and purchase apps... don't see why it should be any different for a tablet, they'll all eventually be running the same OS (ICS) anyway...

    I e-mailed the Android Market support team last week (Friday) and they responded today to say "[FONT=&quot]Thanks for writing in. We're presently investigating this issue and will update you as soon as we have more information. [/FONT]"

    Fingers crossed! :)
  8. KaiElite307

    KaiElite307 Lurker

    I've had just got my new Asus Transformer Prime and was wondering why I couldn't see paid apps as well, I live in Jersey.

    Here's a solution that worked for me, don't see why it won't for you (Only seems to work if you have already bought the app though):
    1. Search for the App you want that you have bought already e.g Fruit Ninja on Google using the Tablet's stock browser
    2. When you click on the link it should prompt you to either view it using the browser or the Market
    3. Choose the Market
    4. It should now take you to the Tablet's Android Market App and you should now be able to install the app.

    You still can't buy apps it says 'This video is not available in your country' which is annoying, we will have to work till Google adds the Channel Islands to the paid apps list.
  9. rethanon

    rethanon Newbie

    I am yet to receive a further reply from the Android Market Team since they told me "We're presently investigating this issue and will update you as soon as we have more information" on 31st January. The fact that Guernsey and Jersey use the same currency (i.e. GBP), are part of Great Britain, and use the same UK domestic payment systems, I am at a total loss to understand why there should be any problem.

    Why don't they do what everyone else does - consider the Channel Islands to be part of United Kingdom...
  10. xandrika

    xandrika Lurker

    Hi guys,

    I can confirm I also have this problem. I am in Jersey, using a TF201;

    1. bought tablet, on HC 3.2, Market works, paid apps displayed, and could be purchased.

    2. upgrade to ICS - initial FW was .11 - Market not working, could not see paid apps - I went to the UK for a weekend, everything displayed and allowed me to purchase perfectly.

    3. When I got back to jersey, I used ViperMod to root the device, installed Market Enabler and entered in the BT code and I was able to browse paid apps and buy.

    3. Accepted FW update to .14 which effectively bricked the device - 3 days later, I received the .15 update which fixed everything. re-applied Root, Market enabler no longer showed on the market, so I got a different tool. Unlocked it, confirmed it had changed the value, now I see Paid apps in their particular sections, however if I search for an app I know is paid, it is not in the search results. if I try and buy an app I get the message: "The item you were attempting to purchase could not be found"

    By the by, I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 running Ginge 2.3.5 - market works perfectly, I can buy anything I want, searches work perfectly. regardless of wether I am logged onto 3G, or just Wifi.

    What seems obvious is that there looks to be some sort of difference in the way that ICS transmits it's versioning, or locational information to the market.

  11. rethanon

    rethanon Newbie

    Hi xandrika. I've chased the Android Market support team again for an answer - the problem isn't only linked to ICS as this problem has affected me ever since I first bought my TF101 in June last year. The only time I have successfully purchased items through the Android Market is while I was away in Domincan Republic! :thinking:

    I did receive a response on 9th Feb but it simply stated:

    Thanks for checking in. I have no updates at this time, but I'll be sure to let you know when more information is available. We're continually working on making paid apps available. Hold tight! We hope to have a resolution forthcoming.
  12. Hi everyone, not sure if you are all posted to this site, but I've been looking and its almost a year since you all posted about this issue, currently i am having it too and it still doesnt get fixed! i have contacted the google play store more than 20 times through email as to why they dont accept us, i stated that we are the same country, we share the same currency and we listen to the same music and watch the same videos, we are the same!, their response was that they were sorry guernsey was not an available country and they were working hard to allow all countries across the globe to access the store.. emphasis on the word country, guernsey isn't so who knows if this will ever be resolved, i wandered whether creating a new gmail account would work and entering my location simply as uk, Hhas anybody actually tried this though, as i currently use the same email for my mac, which i bought due to the fact that i couldnt use google app store, i too have the situation where i cannot get anything on my tf201 other than free apps however on my lg optimus 3d p920 i can get both free and paid apps, however still no books, music or movies, its deeply upsetting!, i've tried all these routing things and absolutely nothing has been resolved, and now that amazon has rolled out the amazon appstore for android it too says i need to check my location is an actual place much like google play does, so i guess there goes me buying the new kindle fire 2 which i assume is coming to the uk after seeing they have completely refurbished their uk store, why do they have to isolate us through everything, it gets me so upest and angry that other areas of the world don't have this problem, now im not sure if this is ok to post the next bit as it is a phandroid forums site but im trying to register my mac from guernsey, it doesnt accept my area code, it only allows 3 digits however the number area code is 01481, with 0 being taken away due to the presence of the +44, also the postcode doesnt allow me to create an account, do you think both apple and google dont allow the channel islands, i know people in guernsey generally use a random number or postcode that is normally accepted in the uk, seeing as they never send anything anyway, i was just wandering if anything like this could happen with google and amazon, because this may solve the solution, however i'm not sure how i could try this without mucking it all up as I am only 16. This whole location thing is way out of the ordinary, you'd think google, one of the biggest companies on the planet ever would accept some little remote rocks a part of britian and just a population of 150,000, but no!, i suggest one way to improve our chances of being a part of the google play store country list is to message the google play store team every day, it sounds a lot but if we all do it then i'm sure they would understand its a problem that they have to fix, because it sounds like they just can't be bothered more than anything!, i hope i've helped as much as you all have, i just hope you get this post too!

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