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Can't access apps on SD card

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by GoEagles1, Jan 18, 2019.

  1. GoEagles1

    GoEagles1 Lurker
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    Recently I haven't been able to enter any apps on my phone ( Moto g+) that happen to be stored on the micro SD card. Whenever I try to open one of these apps it says " ... Has stopped." Additionally, when I try to move any apps from the internal storage to the SD card, an error pops up and doesn't allow me to move it due to an "internal issue". Moving an app from the SD card to the internal storage works fine. Lastly, when I try to open my camera, it says "camera error, please restart camera". On top of all this, my phone won't take any screenshots or download files/images. I've tried rebooting the device and changing the "pictures" file to "pictures2"(es file explorer says"task failed" when I try to rename it). I know it's a lot , but it's really getting inconvent. Thank you for all replies.

  2. Shotgun84

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    Honestly I'd doubt this cures all but the first thing I'd do is uninstall ES. It used to be good which is why it's so well known but then suddenly it's full of spam.

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