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Cant access " Manage applications"

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by CorruptedSanity, May 24, 2010.

  1. CorruptedSanity

    Thread Starter

    Cant access "Manage Applications " in Applications / settings menu.

    I get a popup window with the following:


    the application settings
    (process com.android.settings)
    has stopped unexpectedly
    Please Try Again

    Force Close - button

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  2. CorruptedSanity

    Thread Starter

    antipesto, not that I am aware off. Honestly havent used a cracked app since 2001.
    I have bought, newsroom and locale.

    I have doubt that one app may be cracked though. Its the NexusMod live wallpaper. I have reason to believe it is cracked because apparently it is a paid app but I somehow downloaded it from some random forum. I assumed the version I had was the free and/or beta version thats how come it works.

    And yes, I was using App brain to uninstall apps for the time being but was severely disappointed to get such an error, a software OS error from android (thats why I migrated over from winmo). I guess I need to UNinstall nexusmod and see whats up.
  3. cultor

    cultor Member

    locale did the same thing to my phone. I didn't had an uninstaller bacjk then, so I uninstalled through the market, and problem was solved
  4. CorruptedSanity

    Thread Starter

    but i want locale lol

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