May 28, 2011
I have two Desire phones.
On one the ringtone trimmer works fine, when I select to make a song a ringtone, I get three options, the third one being the ringtone trimmer.
On my other Desire, the third option is simply missing.
I have check the applications and it shows the app is there AND running, just won't access it.
I checked the software and they are both 2.2, but there are some differences in the kernel and other settings.?
Any ideas?
I checked to see if there are any updates and the phone says no...
I don't know that application, but you could try Ringdroid on the second Desire.

For sure I found some other apps for this, however this is the HTC app that is factory installed on the phone.
It shows that it is in the phone running, just won't come up to access in the spot it is supposed to.
I guess if I don't figure out how to get to it, I will go the route you suggest... thanks!
It could be to do with the digital copyrighting (think its called DRM - someone will probs confirm that for me) on the songs you are trying to use? Try it on a different song on the Desire that wont show it.
I have had it before on some song I have which the menu item doesnt show up for and its because it is DRM protected.
tried em all, no luck... think I will bail into an app for it.. just a shame as it works so good on my other Desire.. oh well..
You could try going into settings/applications/manage applications and clearing the data for that app, then reboot your phone and see if that does the trick.