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Can't apply ringtone I downloaded in Google Play

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Dec 18, 2013.

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    I have had my Samsung Galaxy Note with AT&T for about 2 weeks. I'm trying to love it, I really am. But what I feel right now is serious frustration, bordering on hatred of this device. After dealing with the notification problem in which notifications were initially coming from every where at all hours, to having no notifications at all (no ringing of phone, no text alerts, alarm to wake-up), and can't even get a simple ringtone to work on this phone. I have ready several posts; however, I must have a reject phone or something, because it does not have the menu settings that I am supposedly needing to fix the problem. I purchased a ringtone from Google Play on my phone. If I open the "Play Music" icon, the song is there; however, it doesn't show up any where else on the phone so that I can make it my ringtone. What am I doing wrong? Is it me or is this phone not very user friendly? Granted, I'm not a "techie", but sheesh, it shouldn't be this complicated. Any advice would be appreciated.

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