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Can't attach documents

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by teikyo30, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. teikyo30

    teikyo30 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I copied my resume to the phone even though it doesn't have a text folder. I tried attaching it in an email and only get the option to attach pics. Why? My Windows smartphone from r years ago could store, read, and send any file. Why can't my thunderbolt? It makes it useless for job hunting. Is it an android thing? Are tablets limited like that too?

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  2. teikyo30

    teikyo30 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    No one? Not one person knows how to do this? Seriously, this phone can't be considered a smart phone if it can't attach a resume to an email.
  3. project.in.process

    project.in.process Well-Known Member

    your mail application will not show text documents as available attachments WITHOUT a file explorer installed on the phone.
    solution==install a file explorer app

    so,do this:

    download a file explorer (astro, es file explorer, etc)
    open gmail/mail
    your file explorer app should appear, tap it
    now navigate to your resume
    tap the resume
    complete your email

    problem solved :)

    windows smartphone is based off Windows, a pc operating system. Android is a phone OS first, recently a tablet OS with Honeycomb. but dev's have created apps that bridge the two nicely for those of us with smartphones.
    the phone just needs the proper software to complete certain tasks :)
  4. teikyo30

    teikyo30 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks! I'll try that. I'm just so used to how easy windows is. I use Linux from time to time but hate compiling. It reminds me too much of the old DOS. Or BASIC.

    I love The It Crowd. Hope it comes back. Would rooting help with this phone? It does seem to be a memory vampire.
  5. nkk

    nkk Android Expert

    What you said is correct, but the compulsion to stop misinformation forces me to correct this. Windows Mobile was NOT based on the desktop version. At all. Two different OS's. Two different frameworks.

    As for rooting, ask yourself why. What do you mean by memory vampire? IF you are using all of your 3/4 GB RAM, you are doing some serious work. Probably something is going wrong.

    If you want to root to tinker, read up and then go for it. I am rooted and I love it. If you are unsure, read and see what rooting will get you. It is not something to just be done for fun, as there are real risks associated with it. But it is fun when you know what you are doing. :)


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