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Can't buy from Android market

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by feras, May 20, 2011.

  1. feras

    feras Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I can't buy any App from the Android Market!

    My country is listed with the countries that approved to buy apps.

    I've set a Checkout account with my credit card.

    and every time I try to by from the marker one of happens:

    1. When buying from the Tablet it self (Xoom) it says "The item you were attempting to purchase could not be found"

    2. when trying to buy from the desktop the send to box shows my Xoom not compatible even though others have them on the tablet.

    So where did I go wrong?

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  2. feras

    feras Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Help any one?
  3. WhalerCanes

    WhalerCanes Lurker

    I'm a US citizen living/working in Vietnam, and I bought a Xoom (WiFi) while in the US a few weeks ago. After arriving back to Vietnam and setting-up my Google and Android Market accounts a number of Apps that I tried to download advised me that they are not available for download in "my country".

    Also ... the Android Market doesn't even show "Books" or "Movies" within my Android Market, nor can I access Google Books for purchasing!
    I did some further trouble-shooting including the following:
    1.) I have had multiple friends in the US attempt to access and download numerous Android Apps to my Android Market account from their US-based web servers, but they receive the same comment i.e., "This item cannot be installed in your device's country", even though they are on a US server.

    2.) I have contacted various App developers .... all of which have confirmed to me that they allow and support Free & Paid App downloads in Vietnam.
    It is therefore apparent that the problem is with my Google/Android Market/Xoom set-up, so can anyone assist me and "Feras" to confirm whether we can either:
    1.) Fix my current Google/Android Market account settings to indicate I am in the United States so that I can download Apps; or

    2.) Delete my Android Market account from my Google account and "re-start", setting my location as the United States. (While retaining all my GMail; YouTube; etc. account settings and files.)
    Can anyone help so I can download basic Apps like Google Earth; Kindle; Riptide; WebMD; etc. while I am overseas? Motorola and Google are GLOBAL companies, aren't they? Shouldn't the Android "OPEN" platform be truly open globally like their friendly competitors in Cupertino?!
  4. WhalerCanes

    WhalerCanes Lurker

    I can't download BASIC apps to my Xoom such as:

    * Amazon Kindle
    * Google Earth
    * Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus
    * Riptide GP
    * Vignette
    * WebMD
    * Worldmate

    Why won't anyone from Google or Motorola assist with this problem?
  5. capuman

    capuman Well-Known Member

    Hi guys I have the same problem-. I just made another post about this with more details.

    The weird thing is that im using the same google account as I use with other android devices and they work fine, so its obviously a probem with the xoom. I can't seem to find a way to change the country/location of the xoom, I wonder if that would help.

    My xoom was bought in the uk but I am currently in Gibraltar (southern spain) but im not getting any updates or the books or half of the app I do get on my htc desire hd phone using the same google account.

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