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Cant change apn setting

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Taylor13, Dec 31, 2013.

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    I ordered an Excelvan H9503 about a week ago and it came in. Its android 4.2.2 unlocked, gsm. I am trying to convert it to straight talk service which includes Unlimited everything. After putting the sim card in (i used the att sim even though my phone has no specific carrier) the unlimited talk and text works but for the data it says to put in a new apn setting but my problem is that when i go to apn settings>menubutton>NewAPN nothing happens. its just as it was before. the apn that is already there just says Cingular410 with wap.cingular underneath in a lighter font. Im not really sure how to go about fixing this. I contacted the Straight Talk tech support but all they kept telling me was to go to menubutton>restoretodefaults>menubutton>newapn. again it fixes nothing. ive tried almost everything can anyone help?

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