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Can't choose my phone!

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Confuseddude, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. Confuseddude

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    So I got an VZW M8 and it's a great phone...but I continued researching about the s5 and g3 and honestly I'm not sure if i got the right phone. I have until next weekend to exchange the phone so I was wondering if you guys could help me with a decision? They're almost equal but only the small differences really separate them...

    I previously come from a S3, what I need in a phone (arranged by highest priority to lowest):

    -Good audio quality via headphones, speakers on phone won't really be used music for music.
    -signal connection, don't want dropped calls/call quality
    -nice screen/can be used in sunlight. I like a large screen but not a large phone(small bezels). I like color accuracy and a beautiful display.
    -rooting and custom roms. I understand VZW is harder for this.
    -Smooth and fast UI
    -battery life
    -front camera(snapchat) and rear camera for social media. I have a dslr, but don't always carry it...
    -removable battery
    -notification LED(preferably different colors for different apps like email and texts..)
    -water resistance

    Water resistance is admirable, but not necessary. Obviously I like music! I'm under the impression the g3 and m8 produce good audio quality through headphones, though the m8 has the harman kardon mod I hear praise about. I want to root my phone and probably flash a rom, like cleanrom, to rid of bloatware and use titanium backup and such. I'm under the impression the m8 has a lot of development, the g3 and s5 not so much???

    I got the m8 because it's 29.99, the g3 is 79.99 and the s5 is 99.99. I am trying to factor price into my decision too, would it be worth more to pay for another phone??

    Suggestions? Thanks for your time!

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  2. LaTuFu

    LaTuFu Android Expert

    If rooting is your thing, VZW is definitely going to be a big hurdle. They have the money to spend on anti-rooting efforts, and they do.

    As far as the phone choice, I am a big fan of Samsung's phones over LG and HTC. While TouchWiz doesn't have many fans, there are plenty of launchers today that you can overlay to get rid of it, and now that you can disable bloatware you don't use, there is little reason to fret about Samsung or VZW's penchant for loading up the phones with them.

    Samsung's stock music player is okay, but that is solved with PowerAmp if you like.

    For me, the reason to get the S5 is the camera. I have been a huge fan of Samsung's cameras since the S2. They have consistently outperformed my wife's iPhones each generation. Editing abilities onboard are great. I haven't played much with the S5's camera, but from what I've seen it is a pretty solid incremental upgrade from my S4.

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