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Can't clear default browser

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by RobertK32, Jul 8, 2021.

  1. RobertK32

    RobertK32 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have Verizon Galaxy s20 Ultra 5G with the latest update and just discovered that I have Chrome set as default browser instead of having a pop-up asking which browser to use, as it was for ages, and when I go to settings, apps and select Chrome it shows that it is set as default and when I tap there I can select another browser from the list but the button' Clear Default ' is missing . The same applies to every browser I have installed. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  2. Hadron

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper...
    VIP Member

    Which Android version?

    With Android 11 on a non-Samsung device (caveat because Samsung change a lot of stuff) the default browser selection, which is what that list you describe sounds like, does not include a "clear default" option. Selecting a browser from that list sets the default browser, but the impression is that these days Android expects there to be a default browser.

    I disable Chrome, so don't know whether it has any special status (but could imagine that it's the default "default browser" on many android builds - though I'd have expected Samsung to give their own browser that status). I also don't know when this might have changed: I've not received a system update since November (Pixel 2, out of support) but with more-and-more stuff being quietly slipped into Google Play Services I can't 100% guarantee that a system update is needed to change any particular behaviour.
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  3. puppykickr

    puppykickr Android Expert

    Try clearing all defaults for Chrome, not just the 'default browser'.
  4. Mutamycete

    Mutamycete Lurker

    You need to do it from settings

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