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cant connect gmail account

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by capuman, Jul 24, 2010.

  1. capuman

    capuman Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Hi guys,

    i wanted to connect my hero with a new gmail account that i have set up, so i search the web to find out how to remove the current gmail account that i had set up and replace it for a new one.

    The solution i found was to clear the gmail app data (under settings/app management). After doing this, the phone asked me to enter a new gamil account.

    The problem is that now, when i try to do this every time it tells me that it cant find a realiable network connection when trying to register the new account details with google.

    I have searched around and have seen that many people had this problem. Its like the phone does not even try to communicate with google now!! Solutions range from using wifi network, using static ip to making sure you have full edge network etc.

    I have tried them all to no avail. The last thing i want to do is a factory reset, but it appears thats my last solution.

    Does anyone know how i can solve this problem with out a factory reset? i cant believe android does not support changing gmail account without a factory reset!

    Help please :(

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  2. golder

    golder Member

    I was just researching this exact error and I thought to come to these forums and there your post is. My issue is that I'm in another country so I changed my SIM card - and even though I've got full wifi it just will not use the WiFi nor the mobile network to connect to Google's servers.

    Static IP or removing the SIM both made no difference.

    I think I'm gonna try out my UK sim because that is the SIM I had in the phone the last time I hard reseted/upgraded to 2.1 with. But using a UK sim abroad is like
  3. PaulRWebster

    PaulRWebster Lurker

    I had the issue. I could only cure it by going through the initial phone setup procedure. I think that you are looking at a reset.
  4. capuman

    capuman Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    this is absolutely rediculous...why on earth would we have to do a reset to change an account!!!

    Atleast with 2.1 this wont be an issue anymore because you can support multiple gmail accounts on your phone!

    What im thinking, is that when i get the 2.1 upgrade notice from orange (if we ever do!! last i heard it will happen this week!) then we would have to reset the phone anyways. So ill wait until end of this week..if i dont get the upgrade notice ill just do the reset anyways.

    What i dont understand is why it worked for some people and not for others like us.. As far as i know i have the latest rom (pre 2.1 i mean).
  5. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    I had the same issue when UK Googlemail became Gmail and despite some people claiming a fix without having to revert back to Googlemail, I never got them to work.

    In the end I had to reset. It's annoying, but actually, if you back up your contacts and apps and make a note of your layouts / settings, it doesn't take long to get everything back in working order.
  6. tonyms

    tonyms Lurker

    i have 2.1 and would like a second gmail account, but get error message when trying to set up second account. does anyone know a successful way to do this?
  7. Martin J

    Martin J Newbie

    Other than resetting the 'phone, no. I wanted to add a second GMail account (my apps account) and received the same error, so although I already knew the answer I opened a Google Support ticket, which I thought at the very least would remind them that this bug still exists.

    Unfortunately Google support is next to useless; I was first told that there was something wrong with my domain's MX settings. When I pointed out that in that case there must also be something wrong with GMail's MX settings, I received a long cut-n-paste about how to connect my 'phone to available WiFi networks. Hopeless in other words. :mad:
  8. paolito

    paolito Lurker

    Hi everyone,
    I was getting the same sh*t after upgrading from Android 1.6 to 2.1 on my new SE X10 Mini Pro and removing the SD card did the trick for me. So thank you many times guys :)
  9. So I tried the removing the SD card bit and that doesn't work for my X10 mini running 2.1 either. However, I just used the EMAIL tool to add my second gmail account. It isn't as fast and the interface pales in comparison to the Gmail app but until droid gets it together and fixes this mess, the email tool will do just fine.


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