Help Can't connect to PC

I cannot connect my phone to my laptop with USB connection.

If I click the usb connection icon on the phone,
I am able to connect to PC as mass storage device
to reach for micro SD card,
but as for LG PC Suite syncronization is impossible
as well as LG mobile update.

I think I tried everything I know.
re-install the USB driver on pc, re-boot the phone/pc,
but still no luck.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance



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Never mind.

it got fixed and i synced everything this morning.

i don't know how it got fixed but as long as it's done lol.

have a nice day guys


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I am having the same problem. I installed the update utility and the drivers but when i plug the phone in it does not recognize that the phone is plugged in. Any help please???


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So i'm starting to think that whoever designed this update utility for lg should be shat upon. I can get the pc to recognize the phone if i turn the phone off but then it freezes halfway through checking the phone. If i turn the phone on after it freezes it goes the rest of the way checking the phone and then when it gets to the update part it freezes again so i turn the phone off and it starts updating and then gets stucjk halfway. So i turned the phone back on and it says phone not supported. It seems like the phone has to be halfway between on and off. Its just a stupid system.


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Ok i got an email back from lg and they said to go to SD card and storage under the settings menu and disable the Mass Storage Only check box. I did this and the phone updated just fine. I'm glad i got it to work but you would think they would put something like that in the instructions. It would have saved alot of time and effort.