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Cant copy files to SD Card using a USB CABLE

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ak47bluntz, Jul 27, 2013.

  1. ak47bluntz

    ak47bluntz Member
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    Everything was fine and perfect i was rooted with the first release of the OS. I then went and updated to simons [K2_CL JB] Official OTA so that i could have the updates.

    I installed it without a hitch but now when i hook up my cell to the pc using my usb cable. Now i have 2 storage devices for this one i have access to the actual cell phone storage and another for my SD card. On top of all that access to the SD card is ridiculously slow i have class 10 32gb card in it. Im on windows 8 could that have some problems with the phone communicating with the desktop??

    Also when im asking what usb connection type i would like to choice when i click on disk drive it just shows up like a regular cd drive. The other option is that htc sync crap which i hate.

    Ive tried uninstalling the drivers, tried Universal Naked Driver 0.72, I even went and tried installing that htc sync crap and im still unable to move any files on to the SD card. If i unmount the sd card it wont show on the actual computer itself.

    Anyone got any ideas? to this fix???

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