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cant decide if i should return my brand new Incredible for a Droid X

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by xmetl, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. xmetl

    xmetl Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    May 12, 2010
    hey guys i just bought a brand new Droid Incredible only a week ago and i am not sure what do with it. i sold my Droid 1 and was planning to buy a Droid X after words but i went to a few different VZW stores and none of them had any Droid xs, just incredibles. so i got an Incredible instead, and i have been using it for the past week and i am pretty happy with it except for 2 small things.

    1. the screen. the screen on this phone is no where near as nice as the screen on my Droid 1. the pixels on this one look like they are seperated from each other, so its almost like trying to use your phone from behind a screen door. im sure i would be much happier with the screen if i would have bought a Droid x instead.

    2. since the Incredible is not as popular as the Motorola Droid or the Droid x there is not as much development of roms with this one, which is dissapointing because the Droid 1 had so much developers and i had such a huge veriety of roms and themes to choose from. and now even with the Droid xs locked bootloader i keep seeing all these cool new custom roms being released and kind of dissapointing for me.

    now i know that if i had a Droid X that there would still be a few things that i would not like about it. one thing being the design of the phone, because lets face it the Droid X is not pretty at all with that big hump on the back of it. but i am very happy with the looks of my Incredible and it is much nicer to look at then the droid x. but i would still like to have that HDMI port and the big screen.

    so please tell me, if you were in my situation right now, what would you guys do? btw i only want serious answers, i dont care if you think i should get a Droid 2 or a fascinate instead, if im going to get rid of my incredible the ONLY phone i would want to replace it is the Droid x, so dont even suggest me to get something else because all i want to know is if i should keep the incredible for get a droid x.


  2. incrediblenotinstock

    incrediblenotinstock Well-Known Member

    May 31, 2010
    i wouldnt if i were you, its no doubt the X is a really good phone but its size does get annoying sometimes.i would stick with the incredible bc i would just love to have the really nice screen,smaller phone, and HTC sense
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  3. redraptor

    redraptor Well-Known Member

    Sep 6, 2010
    "Fish dude" at PetSmart, Best Buy Mobile Sales Ass
    Much too far from the waves
    I have yet to own EITHER phone but im def on the incredible's side here. Im not so sure what you mean by the screen. My father has the X and Ive messed with the Inc a LOT, and (besides being in direct light) the screen on the Inc i FAR more clearer with amazing color. But thats just how I see it. Again my dad owns the X and although it is an AWESOME phone, its really not for me. Its WAY to big, I dont care for Motoblur and the size just doesnt fit in my pants that easy. But its all opinions. If you have that many doubts, find someone that has the opposite phone you have and mess with it for a while, especially outside of VZN where they are like breathing down your neck.
  4. jroc

    jroc Well-Known Member

    Apr 10, 2010
    All I can say is: which phone's cons can u live with more?

    U noticed the pixel thing with the Inc. Thats one thing I prefer about LCD compared to Amoled.

    Amoled does have deep blacks, "vibrant" colors, better viewing angles.

    The X has very nice reception, there is a thread about the noise cancellation mics....its works good, battery life out the box is better on the X. Put the same size batteries in both phones and it might be similar, who knows.

    An example of a plus for the X....it plays Angry Birds very well. Inc and EVO users have issues even starting it. I know its a game but still...lol

    Sense UI does make for a smoother experience out the box. Launcher Pro or ADW, Widget Locker makes for a smoother experience for the X.

    Me, if choosing between the 2, I would choose the one with the better reception. I dont know how the reception on the Inc is, but I know the X has better reception than the Droid. That was enuff for me. Thats the only reason I kept the X. Cuz the Droid has better reception than my last 2 phones.

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