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Can't decide on a phone

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Silch, Jul 8, 2016.

  1. Silch

    Silch Guest
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    Have been researching a bit and so far i've been leaning towards Oneplus x and Nexus 5x. Can't choose between the two, Oneplux x seems to have better specs and design, but no regular updates, probably would have to root in order to get the latest software which i dont really want to do again unless its really worht it while Nexus 5x seems to get regular updates, works smoother, but the specs are bit worse.
    Or maybe there are some other/better options?
    What im looking in a phone is screen quality to watch movies and performace to play games while im on a train or a bus and to play new pokemon go aswell, haha. The design, camera and the rest would be secondary.
    Thanks in a advance~


  2. Silch

    Silch Lurker

  3. Riche101

    Riche101 Android Enthusiast

    No S7 edge? It's absolutely awesome
  4. Silch

    Silch Lurker

    I bet it is, if only it wasn't 2x the price
  5. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations!
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    Well, I guess next month's Note7 is out for you. Have you considered the Moto X Pure Edition? Great phone :)
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  6. Silch

    Silch Lurker

    I guess Note7 won't be cheap aswell and Moto X seems like by 150-200 Eur more expensive than the two i mentioed.
    Oneplus X and Nexus 5x are 290 and 250 EUR in my country which is the price range im looking into. As a student i can't really affrod better phone yet. If i had to choose between the two, would regular updates of Nexus 5x pay off?
    Also can i ask how important is the RAM? Like would there be a big difference between 2GB and 3GB, but i guess it's a dumb question as you probably have to consider resolution aswell
  7. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor

    Personally I'd go Nexus. Better software support hence longer lasting.
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