Cant decide what to do - opinions?


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I have the Moto Droid now and I like it. Its fast and reliable but the slide out keyboard is just a waste for me. Ive slide it out twice but Im just not a keyboard user on a phone. I prefer the on-screen keyboards on my phones. I just cant decide if I should take it back and wait for the next best phone to come out or if I should just stick with the Droid. I know it comes down to my decision but I just wanted to get some feed back from the board bros on this one.

PS - I have several phones on my account and the one my mom uses is up for NE2 in Feb. I could always buy her a cheaper one out right and use her NE2 on the next better or best one out. Whacha think??

Thanks for opinions guys. :)


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I don't like the slide out keyboard either, just hit too many wrong keys while typing with the software keyboard is near error free for me. But I got the droid with the idea in mind that I wouldn't actually use the hardware keyboard. I got it because it's simply the fastest Android device available

Other benefits include

- should be quick to get updates (the first software update is already coming in for some users).
- Only Android 2.0 device
- Flash with camera (camera is only so so but we'll see after the update)
- Turn by tun navigation right out of the box
- Highest resolution screen of any android device, and one of, if not the best resolution on a smartphone (beats the iphone here)

That's what did it for me, I was really drawn to the Eris at first but seeing posts on this forum of former Eris owners happy with the Droid speed made me forgo my desire to have the SenseUI.

Plus I love the form factor. When I saw it in pictures on blogs it looked all fugly as hell, but when I finally saw it in person and got to using it, I feel in love and plan to marry it. (Watch out for Verizon in the prenup though).


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The Droid is a sure thing... you've got it now, you're happy with it overall, AND you've got another line's upgrade coming up soon... why ruin a good thing? Keep the Droid! You can always sell it on ebay and get a good buck once you can get that next upgrade... which is anyone's guess right now when the "next big thing" is coming along. :rolleyes:


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The "next big thing" is always coming. You'll never get it.

As for the keyboard, I actually really like it. My only complaint is that it's off-centered (due to nav on the right). But otherwise, I'm getting fairly quick on it.

And if you don't like it, just pretend it's not there.


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The "next best thing" may be coming in April 2010. But as someone said earlier, there will always be the next best thing. To me though, you're not looking for the next best thing (or maybe you are a little). You're just not happy with the keyboard. Here's the fact of the matter: It's unlikely that the next phone will be THAT much thinner WITHOUT a physical keyboard. So, do you really want to wait for the next Android phone without a physical keyboard because it's just a little thinner? Or, keep the DROID and not use the keyboard, pretend it's not there and marvel at the fact that Motorola was able to fit the thing in being as small as it is.


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At first I didn't like the slide out keyboard either, I used the onscreen keyboard. Slowly I got more and more used to the slide out keyboard and now use it exclusively. I am just as fast on the slide out keyboard as I was on my old Saga.


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I am debating the same question! I really do not like the slide out keyboard and would prefer a phone with out it since it just adds extra weight. I think I am going to wait for the Passion/Dragon to be released. If it was slated for release before Christmas, even if it was delayed, I'm hoping it it will come out by the end of January for Verizon.