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Can't decide what to get...Nexus One or Nokia N900.

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by marik1234, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. marik1234

    marik1234 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Help me decide. I currently have a G1 and I LOVE Android but I need a new phone.

    The N900 and N1 are both beasts hardware wise. The N900 has 32GB of built in memory and up to 1GB of RAM but the N1 has snapdragon and a bit bigger screen at 3.7" compared to 3.5" even tho that's ok.

    Biggest things tho are N1 is Android but the N900 has a physical keyboard which I love...but the N1/Android has full Google Maps! I love Google Maps and using GPS with it, it's insane...plus the free turn by turn navigation. And the live wallpaper...but damn it no physical keyboard.

    Ugh I can't decide, might choose Nexus One at the end of the day if I really had to. If it's keyboard has multitouch then prolly even moreso...I think I mightve heard it does have some multitouch in the keyboard. Virtual keyboards NEED multitouch, they're garbage and unuseable without it IMO. With how fast I type and how much I text/chat I can't correct every tiny mistake I make by typing too fast on the virtual keyboard with both thumbs and take over 2 f'in mins to send/make one damn message. Love physical keyboards and Android.

    Maybe wait for the Motorola Droid to come to T-Mobile eventually? Don't plan on switching carriers.

  2. lekky

    lekky Lover

    You're here aren't you, go on, you know you want the N1 :p
  3. nyogtha

    nyogtha Lurker

    I bought an N900 when it came out. It was great fun for a week, and then the small things started to annoy me, and the lack of good software hit. I sold it and bought a Milestone. I've spent more time with my Milestone during the first week of ownership than I did with the N900 in the first month.

    There are some pretty long threads on maemo.org discussing pros and cons, but some of my reasons for getting rid of it were:

    Limited phone options and support (it's really more of a tiny computer)
    Nokia is downplaying Maemo-supported devices (one new Maemo based device planned for 2010, doesn't exactly fill me with confidence regarding support and development)
    Resistive screen (I know, it's a good resistive screen, but it still can't remotely compare to capacitive)
    Lack of apps (yes, it's new, but there's like *nothing* going on. I would have expected the linux devel crowd to be all over it)
    Lack of update (Nokia should have released a firmware upgrade fast, to fix some very annoying, small problems. Nothing out as of yet)

    Go for the Nexus! Android is a million times more fun *and* functional than Maemo. Of course, that might change, but then again you can always buy a new Maemo-based device if it does.
  4. webdave

    webdave Newbie

    I am pondering this question as well. I like the hardware of the n900 and how easy it is to run native linux apps on it. The only thing I don't like is the limited calendar features. The n900 seems more like a linux netbook with a phone tacked on then a smartphone.
  5. nyogtha

    nyogtha Lurker

    Ooh forgot about the horrible email-support on the N900. Exchange support only works on certain versions of exchange (check the loooong "blame me for exchange problems" thread on maemo.org).

    We run Zimbra at my workplace (open source exchange alternative) and there was no way to get the N900 to communicate with our server. I've never had that problem with any other phone I've had, including other Nokia phones (Symbian), iPhone, HTC WinMo-variants, and now the Milestone.

    They did open the OVI-market for the N900 a couple of days back, and they've released firmware 1.01, which fixes some small issues (apparently everyone was expecting firmware 1.1 with more serious bugfixing and more features).

    I know I might sound bitter, but the strange thing is, I did/do sort of like the N900, it just needs some serious Nokia loving and serious bug-squishing. Unfortunately I don't think Nokia will give the N900 the attention it needs. Maybe the next model will be worth owning :)
  6. marik1234

    marik1234 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hmm well do I really have any options besides the Nexus One? I really want a new phone and my G1 is becoming kind of obselete...it feels so slow now and I need better hardware and a bigger screen would be really nice especially with the faster hardware...and Android 2.1. :D Ugh what to get...doesn't look like any other huge game changer is coming out soon so prolly the N1...maybe HD2? The 4.3" screen is amazing but ****in Windows Mobile, idk about that, ugh WinMo. I hope a version of the Droid/Milestone/Sholes does come to T-Mobile USA like rumors state...want a keyboard but Nexus One is so awesome and has Android...

    Also would be nice to see a phone come out with Tegra 2, dual core ARM Cortex A9 would be so awesome. Nvidia just unvieled them tho so who knows, might be a while till we see a real nice smartphone using Tegra 2.

    But I can't resist or wait anymore tho, I think I'll buy the Nexus One next week unless something else huge comes out or is announced for the *near* future. Near as in <1 month...
  7. nyogtha

    nyogtha Lurker

    I've also had the HD2 (parallel with the N900), and while it does have an awesome screen, and is very responsive and good looking, I just can't convince myself to like WinMob. What I ended up doing was sell both the HD2 and the N900 and order a Milestone from Expansys (Motorola has completely pulled out of Norway so no chance of getting it here). The phone arrived the day after I placed the order.

    I don't know how this works in the US, but can't you order an "open" version of the Droid from somewhere and use it with your T-Mobile subsription?
  8. marik1234

    marik1234 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    ^Yea no doubt I could do that easily and buy it. Only thing about it would be I wouldn't get any kind of 3G here in the US with any carrier because of the different 3G bands among carriers/continents. I've contemplated doing that already before but I don't think I want to use my smartphone without 3G...need/love that speed. Especially with T-Mobile USA over here just launching their HSPA network with speeds up to 7.2mbps, I get 5mbps down usually on mobile speed tests on my G1.
  9. webdave

    webdave Newbie

    Nokia released a firmware update today that supports Exchange 2003 as well as a large number of other fixes. So far it seems Nokia is releasing updates on a decent schedule.
  10. Gentlegiant

    Gentlegiant Lurker

    The N900 is obviously the much better device, I don't see how having the Snapdragon would be a pro? It's much inferior chip to the one in the N900 and has to process everything (audio, video, etc) The N900 has a dedicated GPU and core for audio and such. Plus the N900 runs a full GNU/Linux operating system while Android, as cool as it is for basic devices just does not cut it for any power user whatsoever, unless you enjoy your super smartphone you paid 500 dollars for being a toy.

    The facts:

    1. Hardware qwerty keyboard
    2. Full internet webpage browsing (no mobile version here, unless you want to then just pop in the address) plus mozilla firefox browser with addon support (weave syncing) + PROPER Flash support!
    3. Available capacity 32gig (expandable to 48gig) vs 512mb (expandable to 32gig)
    4. Dual LED flash vs single LED flash (for camera)
    5. HSDPA: 10.2Mpbs vs 7.2Mpbs
    6. TV out wires + REAL games: YouTube - Quake III Arena on the Nokia N900
    7. FM transmitter (broadcast what you are listening to to any radio, including the car radio)
    8. True real time multitasking: YouTube - Active Applications When Multitasking On The Nokia N900.wmv
    9. front facing camera for video calling/video chatting (with amsn)
    10. Better call and audio quality, especially for recording, the nexus one sounds like garbage: YouTube - Google Nexus One Sample Video vs YouTube - Nokia N900 Low Light Video and Live Band Play that Funky Music/Seven Nation Army
    11. Picture quality is much better on the n900.
  11. markouk

    markouk Android Enthusiast

    What's the dev community like for Nokia N900 stuff?

    How many Apps in Ovi? - are they any good?

    My mate bought an HTC HD2 and he is regretting it as there are so few apps available and he doesn't have the google-esque features that he needs. He is all about gmail, contacts, talk etc but he went for an HD2? Weird. Anyway, you have to weigh up what you want from the device and what support it is likely to have. I hated my N85 as it was so clunky and the build quality was terrible. I don't know it the N900 uses Ovi Store but if it did then I'd stay well clear. It will never compete with Android Market/App Store. It's all about device coverage. How many devices use that operating system giving market penetration. Devs will only go after the OS which has the biggest potential for a return due to market size.
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