can't delete this home screen page



I bought an HTC one the other day....everythings fantastic and I'm very satisfied, but there is a page on home that i don't want and it won't let me delete it. i can delete the other two pages if i wanted, and I've set my home page to a different page. But it just being there and not being able to delete it is getting on my nerves for some reason lol. it has a clock at the top with the weather, and then squares with my Facebook news feed. i tried dragging individual elements(clock, single news feed item box) to the trash but the option to drag or the trash doesn't even come up. really wanna know how to remove it.


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Hi, that is BlinkFeed. The first versions of the One came with BlinkFeed set as default home page, with up to 4 additional pages. The only option available was to set one of the other pages as home, as you have done, so that if you didn't like or want BlinkFeed you could just ignore it. BlinkFeed stays as the leftmost page so it isn't difficult to ignore it.

My One updated to Sense 5.5 a few weeks ago which has made significant changes including the option to switch BlinkFeed off, although in my case I have always made full use of it and haven't found the need to switch it off.

Have you checked to see if an update is available for you ?